Evarts, Harlan win local District Middle School Governor’s Cup competitions

Published 11:28 am Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Middle School academic teams from Evarts Elementary School and Harlan Independent School won the district Governor’s Cup competitions held recently.

Hosted by Black Mountain Elementary School, Evarts won top honors in the District 82 competition, followed by Black Mountain in second, Cumberland in third and Green Hills in fourth.

Rosspoint Elementary School hosted District 83 which was won by Harlan Middle School. Rosspoint took second place, followed by Wallins in third, James A. Cawood in fourth and Cawood in fifth.

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Quick Recall: Evarts, first; Black Mountain, second; Cumberland, third; and Green Hills, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Evarts, first; Cumberland, second; and Black Mountain, third.

Mathematics: Josh Pinkley, Cumberland, first; Hailey Coots, Evarts, second; Nathan Gross, Black Mountain, third; and Charlie Ellis, Cumberland, and Amanda Abner, Black Mountain, tied for fourth.

Science: Matt Lewis, Evarts, first; Landon Perkins, Black Mountain, second; Katherine Ball, Evarts, third; Nathan Gross, Black Mountain, fourth; and Sean Kelly, Black Mountain, fifth.

Social Studies: Madison Jones, Evarts, first; Tera Hathcock, Black Mountain, second; Katherine Ball, Evarts, third; Lindsey Browning, Cumberland, fourth; and Jayson McKnight, Cumberland, fifth.

Language Arts: Molly Brock, Evarts, first; Olivia Creech, Cumberland, second; Megan Blanton, Black Mountain, third; Abby Wynn, Evarts, fourth; and Ariel Madden, Black Mountain, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Olivia Creech, Cumberland, first; Abby Wynn, Evarts, second; Lacie DeLeon, Black Mountain, third; Bradley Branson, Evarts, fourth; and Molly Brock, Evarts, fifth.

Composition: Emma Lewis, Evarts, first; Tera Hathcock, Black Mountain, second; Matt Lewis, Evarts, third; Madison Jones, Evarts, and Danielle Asher, Green Hills, tie for fourth.


Quick Recall: Harlan, first; Rosspoint, second; Wallins, third; James A. Cawood, fourth; and Cawood, fifth.

Future Problem Solving: Harlan, first; Wallins, second; Rosspoint, third; and James A. Cawood, fourth.

Mathematics: Jackson Huff, Harlan, first; Elizabeth Esan, Harlan, second; Krisha Sajnani, Harlan, third; Brady Woodard, James A. Cawood, fourth; and Dillon Scott, Rosspoint, fifth.

Science: Andru Ramos, Wallins, first; Christopher Taylor, Rosspoint, and Bryson Lee, Harlan, tie for second; Riley Murphy, fourth, Wallins; and Landon McCreary, Rosspoint, fifth.

Social Studies: Hannah Huff, Rosspoint, first; Riley Murphy, Wallins, second; Laila Hensley, Rosspoint, third; Marissa Hatfield, Rosspoint, fourth; and Hannah Amburgey, Harlan, fifth.

Language Arts: Chloe Shelton, Rosspoint, first; Breydy Daniels, Wallins, second; Laila Hensley, Rosspoint, third; Caleb Rose, Rosspoint, fourth; and Elizabeth Esan, Harlan, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Chloe Shelton, Rosspoint, first; Marissa Hatfield, Rosspoint, second; John Mark Bryson, Harlan, third; Christopher Taylor, Rosspoint, fourth; and Taylor Lunsford, James A. Cawood, fifth.

Composition: Makenna Jackson, Harlan, first; Lily Dickenson, Harlan, second; Luke Cottrell, Wallins, third; Campbell Nunez, Harlan, fourth; and Laila Hensley, Rosspoint, fifth.