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COVID-19 and children: What to look out for

By Scottie Day, M.D. Kentucky Children’s Hospital Physician-In-Chief As flu season comes around and our children are going ...



Help increase healthcare access for Kentuckians by supporting nurse practitioners

                              Dr. Julie Ossege and Dr. Sheila Melander We, as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and healthcare providers, would ...


McConnell says Biden wants IRS to track citizens’ bank accounts

President Biden likes to claim his $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree will only hurt the wealthiest Americans, ...


THE NEW DEALER: Kentucky’s 2021 Special Legislative Session: So Close, Yet So Far Away

By TJ Hensley The 2021 Special Legislative Session of the Kentucky General Assembly was held this past week. ...


Driving under the influence of technology

The phone rings. You answer it. After all, every call is important, right? Same thing with a text ...


Where does my blood donation go? You can now find out!

Donors can now see where their blood was used I’ve never been a fan of needles, and getting ...


McConnell and Barr: Thoroughbred racing is well-positioned for the future. Here’s why

The Kentucky Derby is called the most exciting two minutes in sports. This week, fans from around the ...

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OSTRANDER: Let us learn from mistakes

By Kent Ostrander As the COVID crisis has been a disaster in many different ways, and now that ...


THOMPSON: SB 48 should be vetoed and here’s why

By David Thompson The Kentucky Press Association strongly urges the Governor to veto the SB 48, a bill ...


KU/LG&E file for third rate hike in 4 years despite pandemic, historic unemployment

By Carrie Ray MACED Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas & Electric have filed new rate cases with the ...

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