New metal roof for jail

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Harlan Fiscal Court accepted a bid during a meeting on Tuesday for a new roof to be constructed on the Harlan County Detention Center.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley called on Scott Noel of N3D, who is working with the county on the roof project, to address the court concerning bids on the job.

Noel said he had contacted references for multiple companies and found no problems.

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“I believe it comes down to price and roof type,” Noel said. “JBK were the apparent low on both roof types. Our firm has had no bad experiences with that company, or any of the others.”

Noel said it was up to the court on how to proceed.

Mosley told the court JBK Inc. President Brandon Keck was present should the magistrates have any questions.

Magistrate David Kennedy pointed out JBK Inc. installed a membrane roof on the Senior Citizens’ Center in Cumberland which developed leaks.

“We had a small leak up there, and I thought it was still covered under warranty,” Kennedy said. “We contacted your company, and they sent your company’s representatives out. They got on the roof…the leaks were the size of the end of an ink pen.”

Kennedy said he was told by the JBK technician the holes in the membrane roof were created by insects. Kennedy was unhappy with the amount JBK charged for the job.

“Then you billed us $800,” Kennedy said.

Keck said the invoice had been adjusted down to $560.

“What we try to do is be as transparent as possible,” Keck said. “What they witness on the roof, we put on the invoice — with the pictures of course. I agree, that’s not a very good explanation, but that’s what the service technician came back and reported.”

Magistrate James Howard asked if there was a danger from insects with membrane roofs.

“Again, this may be a fallacy of us reporting what the service tech saw…that’s not typical,” Keck said.

The court then discussed the pros and cons of both metal and membrane roofing.

“I think it’s been well documented the existing metal roof was not built as designed,” Mosley said. “Not only was it not built as designed, it was not adequately crimped…I think metal roofs, if designed correctly and built to specifications, they work as they’re supposed to work. Which brings us back to the membrane (roofs), we’ve seen a problem with one that we’ve done…I don’t think metal roofs are bad, I think we just had a bad experience with a metal roof that was not built as designed.”

Kennedy and Howard both recommended a metal roof.

After some further discussion, the court decided a metal roof would be preferable for the detention center.

Mosley advised the next lowest bid for a metal roof would be $7,495 more expensive than the JBK bid.

Mosley recommended the court accept the bid from JBK Inc.

The magistrates passed a motion following Mosley’s recommendation, awarding to the project to JBK Inc.

In other court activity:

• The court approved a rental agreement for a mobile home residence at Stone Mountain Boat Dock;

• The 2018 budget for the Harlan County Clerk’s Office was approved;

• The 2018 salary cap for the Harlan County Clerk’s Office was approved.