Beginning beekeeping meeting

Published 3:21 pm Friday, March 30, 2018

While most of us don’t realize it, many people in Harlan County are involved in beekeeping, and for those who would like to check into the activity The Harlan County Extension Office is hosting a beginning beekeeping meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday at the Harlan County Extension Depot.

According to Harlan County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources Jeremy Williams, the Harlan County Beekeepers meet the first Tuesday of every month.

“The session on Tuesday is going to be devoted to beginning beekeeping,” Williams said. “The hope is to get people interested in beekeeping and to get more information out on how to get started in beekeeping.”

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Williams said the beginning session will focus on how to get started, what sort of equipment is needed and other beginner level question on the subject.

“If you’re a new beekeeper — let’s say less than two years — we’re going to discuss basic beekeeping,” Williams said.

No equipment is needed to participate in the session.

“Will have displays, if you want to bring a notebook to take notes that’ll be fine, but we’re just going to discuss the basics and go from there,” Williams said. “It’s not necessarily just for the beginner, even if you’ve been keeping bees for 20 years or longer it’s always good to have a refresher. Things have changed in the beekeeping industry, it continues to evolve.”

Williams said there are at least more than 20 beekeepers in the county, although the exact number is unknown.

Some information for beginning beekeeping can also be found at The American Beekeeping Federation website located at

The Harlan County Beekeepers meeting is open to everybody free of charge.