Be a responsible pet owner

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and what better way to celebrate than with a pat on our backs for a job well done. Maybe you are considering your first pet or maybe it has been a long time since you have had a pet. What is responsible pet ownership, and are you ready to make a commitment till death do you part. Hobo the Wonder Dog and I enjoy a great relationship and with that commitment comes responsibilities and rewards. This responsible pet ownership month if you do not have a pet Hobo and I want to encourage you to consider the joys of having a pet.

Pet ownership comes with many responsibilities, financial obligations and recognizing pets have emotional needs that require a commitment of time. I believe having time to nurture a pet emotionally is just as important as having finances to care for an animal. Frequently I am asked about nutrition and which dog food I feed Hobo. Food and health are probably the most financially demanding for the average pet owner. Nutrition is probably the most confusing and least understood subject of owning a dog. Advertisers offer beautiful bags and displays that reel through your mind like a picture show of the ideal food for your pooch. Reality? I advocate researching brands and types of pet food in a budget that is within a comfortable price range for you and is nutritionally balanced for your pet. No matter the nutritional food — the emotional diet you give your pet is probably more important.

Today pet parents have many of the same options to care for their pets as parents have to help care for their children. It would seem the world has gone to the dogs — and what’s wrong with that! I believe the emotional health of an animal is just as important if not more important than the brand of food in their bowls. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to see a dog chained in a yard; what is the point of having a pet if they are not part of the family. The commitment of owning a pet should be till death do you part and having the time to nurture them emotionally.

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Maybe you have not had a pet before or maybe it’s been a long time since your last pet. This month might be the month you search your heart and find room for something special in your life — a pet. Yes, you do have to provide them shelter, food and water, healthcare, and emotional love. These seem small when you realize the emotional support and love a pet offers you in return. If you are considering opening your heart to a pet and you are ready for the commitment — please consider adoption from a shelter or rescue group first. Nothing is better or stronger than the love of a rescued pet.

Hobo the Wonder Dog and I salute all responsible pet owners.

Life is better with a dog — woolf!

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