We all must wait for the fog to lift

Published 11:51 am Monday, April 2, 2018

Smoke, fog and haze — they all obscure the clarity of the sky and then you’re unable to see. Just like when you are driving on a foggy night and you are incapable of seeing far away, so you drive slowly through the fog. When you realize this relates to life in general it is a pretty scary idea.

At one point in time I think we all have our lives planned out and are ready for the future. We believe we can see what is in front of us in the distance. In reality, no one knows how his or her life is going to turn out no matter how much we think we have it all figured out.

Sitting here thinking back, a year ago I thought I had it all figured out, who I was going to be with, what college I was going to attend, what I was going to go into after I went to college, but, because it’s life, none of that worked out for me. I thought that nothing in my life was going to change and it was going to be exactly the way it was. I thought the people who were in my life at that point would never leave. I also thought I wouldn’t gain anyone in my life either. I thought my life was going to stay the same and I was content with that, but things change and people change and you lose the people closest to you. I thought my life was falling apart, but in reality it’s just life and things like that happen. When life is going well and you think you have it all figured out, then I could understand how you would think that you could see the clarity of everything into the future. It’s not always like that and it rarely even works out.

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I think about how most of my senior classmates are preparing themselves for college and getting ready for what is ahead of them in life. Preparing the best we can is important, but knowing what is ahead isn’t realistic. I could sit here and say that in five years I’m going to get married and have my own house with two kids, but it just may not work out like that. Driving too fast on a foggy road isn’t safe, just like running through life thinking nothing is ahead of you but a clear road.

In life, you’re going to experience things, good and bad, but at the end of the day it will all work out. Sooner or later things will become clear and the smoke, fog and haze will eventually lift. Clarity will come and you will be content with your life, but you have to struggle and climb to get to the top to achieve that. Then, gradually you will become genuinely happy with everything.

Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing,” No one is an expert on life and how to live it. You get to choose, but don’t think your choices doesn’t come without consequences. Becoming a young adult has made me realize life isn’t a walk in the park, you don’t get your money handed to you anymore. You have to get a job and deal with school at the same time. You either become responsible with everything in life or you fail. It’s your choice on how your life turns out, but don’t think for one second struggles won’t come your way.