Harlan Co. wins 52nd District Governor’s Cup

Published 1:57 pm Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Harlan County High School took top honors in the 2018 District 52 Governor’s Cup held at Harlan County High School. Harlan High School took second, followed by Leslie County in third.

Individual assessment area results were:

Mathematics: Autumn Dunaway and Janice Dean, Harlan County, tied for first; Jayda Young, Harlan, third; Jared Lewis, Harlan County, fourth; and AnnMarie Bianchi, Harlan, fifth.

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Science: Autumn Dunaway, Harlan County, first; Andrew Benson, Harlan, second; Jared Lewis, Harlan County, third; Luke Parker, Harlan County, fourth; and Ben Rice, Leslie County, fifth.

Social Studies: T.J. Hensley, Harlan, first; Edmund Dye, Harlan County, second; Jordyn Amundsen, Leslie County, third; Dylan Caldwell, Leslie County, fourth; and AnnMarie Bianchi, Harlan, fifth.

Language Arts: T.J. Hensley, Harlan, first; Michael Woodard, Harlan, second; Sophia Sergent, Harlan County, third; Brandi Haywood, Harlan, fourth; and Dacey Bailey, Harlan County, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Johnny Smith, Harlan County, first; Edmund Dye, Harlan County, second; Lainey Cox, Harlan County, third; Baylee Turner, Harlan County, fourth; and Shylar Gross, Harlan County, fifth.

Composition: AnnMarie Bianchi, Harlan first; Autumn Dunaway, Harlan County, second; Sky Gayhart, Leslie County, third; Ashleigh Stacey, Harlan, fourth; and Will Scott, Harlan County, fifth.

Harlan High took top honors in the quick recall event, finishing in front of Harlan County and Leslie County.

Leslie County won first in future problem solving, followed by Harlan County and Harlan.

The region will be held on Feb. 17 at Bell County High School.