Evarts sewer plant needs upgrade

Published 10:13 am Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Evarts City Council handled a few business items during a meeting on Tuesday, including an issue with the city’s sewer plant and a sign for a proposed tribute wall.

Mayor Eddie Manning informed the council the state has inspected the city’s sewer plant.

“The state has decided we need a flow meter coming into the plant like the one we have going out,” Manning said. “The plant’s never had one, but even though the plant was built back in the 80s they now say we’ve got to have one.”

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According to Manning, the meter will cost approximately $11,000.

“We don’t have much of a choice,” Manning said. “We either buy a meter, or they come in and fine us then we pay the fine and still don’t have the meter.”

Smith suggested looking for a grant to help offset the cost of the meter.

“Either way it goes, we’re going to have to get the meter,” Manning said.

Manning mentioned the city has had multiple issues with the sewer plant, including problems with a Kelly Street pump.

Later in the meeting, Evarts Fire Chief Cledo Powers advised the council the fire department will be doing their annual Treat and Toy Run during which they will be handing out treats and gifts to children. The run is set for Dec. 23 beginning at 9 a.m. The department normally makes the rounds on Christmas Eve.

“We took into consideration Christmas Eve is a Sunday, and during the morning hours a lot of people will be at church,” Powers said. “We don’t want to go around and blow sirens and things like that and disturb church, so we switched it to Saturday. The other departments are starting at the same time also.”

Manning also told the panel a sign has been designed for the city’s tribute wall project.

City Clerk Kristi Lamb showed the council a small version of the sign which will be placed at the project site.

“We’re also going to have a sign at the bridge directing people to the site,” Lamb said.

According to a previous report, the aim of the project is to honor those who have served their community.

“We wanted to do some sort of tribute wall inside the city of Evarts that would show our respect to people that have served in the military and people that have also served the community through volunteer work and other things,” Manning explained at a previous council meeting.

Manning said the wall will pay tribute to many different types of contributions.

The wall is to be built on a slab located near the train depot and Evarts Funeral Home.