Business relocating to Benham

Published 10:52 am Friday, December 15, 2017

The Benham City Council approved leasing a city-owned building for a new business during a meeting on Thursday.

According to Benham City Clerk Jessica Smith, a pet-grooming business will be moving to Benham from Cumberland. The business will be setting up shop in the old hospital building.

“During the city clerk report, I introduced Brett Sparkmon to the council,” Smith said. “He’s the owner of Fionna’s Grooming in Cumberland.”

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Smith said the business has been located in Cumberland since 2012.

“The reason he was looking for another place to rent is the building was in bad shape,” Smith said. “His clientele was growing…he provides grooming, and he’s hopefully going to expand and offer kennel services.”

Smith pointed out an overnight kennel will also be good for the Benham Inn, which does not allow pets.

“He’ll be right down the hill from them,” Smith said. “He’s also going to offer (pet) daycare at some point in time.”

Smith said Fionna’s Grooming services all different sorts of pets.

“He actually does have a lot of cats in the shop which are available for adoption,” Smith said. “He’s also active in the community. He’s done river cleanups and he’s done beautification in Cumberland.”

Smith said the business will be a good addition for the city of Benham.

Smith added the building being leased was totally remodeled in 2014, but this is the first business using the location since that time.

The council passed a motion to lease the property for a period of one year. The city will reevaluate the deal at the end of the lease. The motion was made by council member George Massey and seconded by council member Howard White. The motion passed with no opposition.

Smith estimates the business will up and running in a few weeks.