Bill pre-filed to aid Ky. consumers, protect credit

Published 12:36 pm Friday, September 29, 2017

FRANKFORT — Representatives Joe Fischer, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Rep. Bart Rowland, Chairman of the House Banking and Insurance Committee, have pre-filed legislation aimed to allow Kentucky consumers to permanently freeze third-party access to their credit information, which is held by consumer reporting agencies, unless and until the consumer directs otherwise. Currently in Kentucky, consumers are only able to freeze third-party access to credit information for seven years.

“This bill will allow consumers to better protect confidential information promptly and permanently, in the event of a cyber-security attack against a consumer reporting agency,” said Rep. Fischer, R-Ft. Thomas.

The bill, BR 228, is a timely response to the massive Equifax breach, which has affected nearly 143 million Americans, including nearly 40 percent of Kentucky families.

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“Considering the recent Equifax breach that affected so many consumers, the need for this change is evident to protect Kentuckians,” said Rep. Rowland, R-Tompkinsville. “If passed, Kentucky will be on-par with the rest of the country in terms of limiting third-party access to consumer credit information.”

Kentucky is among only a few remaining states who haven’t shifted to a permanent freeze on credit information, should a consumer choose so.