Harlan Independent School Board considers bids for upcoming projects

Published 11:49 am Monday, May 29, 2023

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During the panel’s recent May meeting, the Harlan Independent School Board approved a call for multiple bids.

Board Chairman Dr. Matt Nunez called on Superintendent C.D. Morton to bring the board up to speed.

“We are exploring the use of ESSER funds to upgrade and renovate our playground equipment,” Morton said. “For these, we’re working with KEDC (Kentucky Educational Development Corporation), which is a cooperative we are a member of. They have a group that works on just creating bid documents for items like this.”

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Morton explained playground equipment is unique, with only some companies offering the same items.

“They can do the wording for us to get that lined out,” Morton explained. “If you haven’t looked at playground equipment…it can be an expensive item.”

Morton then moved on to the next item for bidding consideration.

“The next item is the fiberoptic network upgrade project,” Morton said. “When I was moved into the central office in 1998, one of my first jobs was getting fiberoptic installed in the district…that was done before 2000, and it’s been in place the whole time…ESSER funds can be used to upgrade that, it’s probably time to take advantage of that. So, we’re going to ask for a bid to replace our fiber optic cabling into a better version.”

Morton noted the district could again use KDEC to write the specifications for the bid.

“What will happen is, ideally, they will come and do that work and leave the existing network in place,” Morton said.

The district is also looking to upgrade school furniture and equipment.

“We are looking at basically replacing all of the classroom furniture – desks, chairs, teacher’s desks and chairs – through the use of ESSER funds as well,” Morton said. “It’s probably getting a little late this year to have all that stuff here before the start of the school year, but we can control that.”

Teachers and students would benefit from the acquisitions.

“You would be able to say to a teacher you’ve got all new furniture, all new upgraded facilities, and nearly every teaching resource you need, we have refreshed,” Morton said.

Morton told the board the school’s parking lot requires maintenance.

“It’s probably time to look at resealing the main parking lot,” Morton said.

Morton then asked the board for approval to call for bids for playground equipment, the fiber optics upgrade, school furniture and equipment, and parking lot sealing.

The board approved calling for bids for all four items.

In other board action:

• The district’s 2023 – 2024 tentative budget was approved.

• The 2023 – 2024 certified and classified salary schedule was approved.

• The 2023 – 2024 extracurricular schedule/extra service supplement was approved.

• The tutor/substitute/grant salary schedule for 2023 – 2024 was approved.