Living on Purpose: Are you in love with God?

Published 10:44 am Thursday, May 11, 2023

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By Billy Holland


The Almighty has the power to unlock all doors and break down every obstacle. We also believe He can do whatever He wants, but often are left clueless to comprehend His decisions. I’ve heard testimonies from individuals who were in a grave situation, and suddenly they were delivered. Coincidence? No, I believe God had a precise plan that would bring Him glory.

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On the other hand, as a chaplain, I’ve been on scene where someone was involved in a terrible accident or had taken their own life, and obviously, He did not prevent that. No human can understand why sometimes He intervenes and other times He does not, but His sovereignty is defined as Him being the Omniscient judge with all authority. Didn’t we pray, not my will but thy will be done?

So what about our desires and choices? Suppose we want to spend time praying for a stronger spiritual awareness each day, and focusing on developing a closer relationship with Christ. In that case, we certainly have the opportunity to do it. He designed us with free will, which means we choose what we do and whom we serve, and it’s evident who desires to be filled with God’s Spirit and who could care less. The religious masses will scoff and say, “It’s ridiculous! No one can think about God all the time!” Really? This is not true. Responses like this are a defense mechanism trying to disguise guilt by justifying rebellion. There is a remnant today that is devoted to being one with God. They desire to pull away from the dark persuasions of the world and passionately invest their entire lives in drawing nearer to Him. Are you included with these disciples?

I can hear the arguments now, “Am I supposed to live in a monastery and chant day and night, I have a family, and I want to enjoy the pleasures of life!” Did I say the only way to know and love God was to live in the isolation of a dungeon? I’m just trying to relay that every Christian can live in the awareness of God’s presence while also receiving all the blessings that God wants to give graciously. What I’m talking about is love. It would be fantastic if we loved Him only a fraction of how much He loves us. Do we love Him enough to give Him our will completely? Let’s see, should I pray, study, and worship, or watch this next movie? I’ll do it later. We are guilty of drawing blueprints for our lives, but shouldn’t we follow God’s plans for us? There are consequences when we manage our daily affairs without consulting our Master.

I know a man that had a wonderful wife, two beautiful children, a great job, a nice house and new cars, but one day he sold everything and set out to walk with God and live entirely by faith. I consider him a Bible scholar, but he thought that he could lead his family into the realms of a higher spiritual existence by pulling away from trusting and depending on this world. However, he was confronted with every possible attack imaginable instead of finding peace and joy. They faced fear, worry, discouragement, frustration, and stress, and after all the money was gone, he was haunted by feelings of failure. Since the Lord supposedly sanctioned this idea, he felt accountable to hold firm to his faith. Long story short, his wife took the children and divorced him.

I realize there are different opinions about this story, but whether God intervenes or not, or even if we relocate to an igloo in the North Pole, we are still who we are and our relationship with Him is in our heart. We would not live in the awareness of His presence because we are not really in love with Him. Going off-grid and living in a recreational vehicle does not make us more holy. It’s all about loving Him to the point that we want to be with Him more than anything else in the world. When this happens, the nature and character of Christ will be seen within us wherever we are. Beyond the words and deeds, walking the narrow path is to know God so intimately that we are constantly listening for His still small voice. However, we cannot obey God and live according to our own decisions simultaneously.

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