Harlan County Public Records

Published 12:00 pm Friday, April 21, 2023

Marriage Licenses

• Halley Jade Moore, 20, of Baxter, to Matthew Tyler Collier, 21, of Baxter.

• Alliyah Leann Dean, 18, of Evarts, to Nathan Adam Daniels, 18, of Evarts.

• Veronica Elaine Petrey, 32, of Helton, to Leslie Kyle Whitehead, 35, of Helton.

Civil Lawsuits

• 21st Mortgage Corporation vs. Stephen Wilson — contract dispute.

• Gregory Lewis vs. Jessica Lewis — dissolution of marriage.

• 21st Mortgage Corporation vs. Brendan Blevins, et al, — contract dispute.

• Merchants Acceptance Incorporation vs. Angela Miles — seller plaintiff/goods debt collection.

• Cavalry SPV I, LLC, vs. Billy Middleton — contract dispute.

• Christopher N. Dixon vs. Benham Schoolhouse Inn, et al, — premises liability.

• Baxter Metal Company Incorporation, d/b/a Dixie Recycling LLC, vs. unknown defendants — property damage.

• Discover Bank vs. Justin C. Hensley — credit card debt collection.

• Synchrony Bank vs. Heather B. Allen — credit card debt collection.

• Midland Credit Management Incorporation vs. Rodney N. Hoover — credit card debt collection.

• LVNV Funding, LLC, vs. Jeffery Kilgore — credit card debt collection.

• NCB Management Services Incorporation vs. Tracy Short — contract dispute.

• Rocky Baker vs. Linda Baker — dissolution of marriage.

• Christina R. Lamb vs. Amanda N. Mott — child support and medical insurance.