Cookin’ with Condley

Published 2:30 pm Friday, April 21, 2023

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By Sarah Condley


For a long time, I’ve had a recipe for a 2-Ingredient Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler, which I found on the website, in my stack of recipes to try one day. I’ve been pretty busy lately and don’t have time to make time-consuming desserts. Since I knew I wanted to try this recipe, I’d purchased a can of cinnamon rolls and a can of apple pie filling a few weeks prior. After reading over the recipe the night before a visit to our daughter’s, I decided there was no time like the present to give it a whirl.

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I pulled the cinnamon rolls out of the refrigerator the morning of our visit and got the pie filling out of the pantry.

While the oven preheated, I buttered the baking dish. I opened the cinnamon rolls, set the icing to the side, pulled each of the cinnamon rolls apart, and cut each little round into bite-size pieces. As I cut them up, I put them into a medium size bowl. Once all of the cinnamon roll pieces were in the bowl, I dumped the can of apple pie filling on top and stirred to combine. After pouring the ingredients into a baking dish, I placed the dish in the oven.

As soon as the oven door was closed, I thought it was a waste of time, and clean dishes, to dirty a bowl for those two ingredients and figured if this recipe turned out, next time I’d mix the two ingredients in the baking dish.

The cobbler baked for 20 minutes, and after testing for doneness, I baked it for an additional three minutes.

The cobbler came out of the oven, and I set it on a cooling rack. The icing that came with the cinnamon rolls was still too firm to pour, so I put the container in the microwave (without the lid) and heated the icing up for a few seconds. It wasn’t overly hot when the icing came out, but I could pour it. I drizzled the icing all over the top of the cobbler. At first, I wasn’t sure there would be enough icing to cover the cobbler, but there was.

That evening, after having a meal with our daughter and family, it was time for dessert. By now, it was not hot so after serving myself, I heated my portion up in the microwave and added a scoop of ice cream. Everyone else just put a scoop of ice cream on top and ate the dessert at room temperature.

To everyone’s surprise, this quick two-ingredient dessert was a hit. None of us could believe it was so simple and good. Our son-in-law, who likes to bake, wanted the recipe.

If you try this recipe, do yourself a favor and just mix it up n the pan you will bake it in. You could also add a bit of cinnamon and/or nuts if you wanted. I even think you could switch up the pie filling and use your favorite – peach would probably be delicious, especially if you added some pecans.

OK, this cobbler is a definite Nailed It, and I’ll add it to my self-made cookbook. This recipe was so quick and easy I still can’t believe it.

2-Ingredient Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler


• 1 tube (8 count) refrigerated cinnamon rolls, each roll cut into bite-sized pieces (reserve icing)

• 1 can (20 ounces) apple pie filling


• Put the cut cinnamon roll pieces and pie filling into a bowl.  Mix well.

• Pour the filling into a buttered 2 quart baking dish.

• Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for about 20 to 25 minutes.

• Remove from the oven and drizzle with the icing that came with the cinnamon rolls.  Serve hot with vanilla ice cream.