Harlan County Civil Lawsuit Report

Published 12:59 pm Thursday, March 9, 2023

• Caleb Blevins vs. Brittany Jones Blevins — dissolution of marriage.

• Randall Caudill, et al., vs. 3M Company, et al. — product liability.

• Skip Cooper vs. State Farm Management Corporation — automobile dispute.

• Patti Daniels vs. Larry Daniels — dissolution of marriage.

• Discover Bank vs. Eugene Bray — contract dispute.

• Brittany Farley, et al, vs. Jerry Caldwell — custody.

• Kentucky Foster Care vs. Octavia F. Hernandez — petition to set child support and medical insurance.

• Robert Reams vs. Natasha Reams — dissolution of marriage.

• Bridget Robinson vs. Caleb Edwards — dissolution of marriage.

• Synchrony Bank vs. Heather Allen — credit card debt collection,

• Charles Lee Travis Tramper vs. Tamber Alexandria Taylor-Burkhart — dissolution of marriage.

• The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers vs. Benny Johnson Jr. — petition for condemnation.

• Ginny C. Young, et al. vs. Perry Ryan Phillips, et al. — automobile dispute.