Motorcycle club holds toy drive to spread Christmas cheer

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, December 28, 2022

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The local chapter of the Southern Brothers Motorcycle Club held its second annual toy drive recently, helping kids celebrate Christmas with a new toy.

Southern Brothers Club Treasurer Jaysin Stallard gave some specifics about the event.

“We have an annual toy drive, we do it every year, but we try to make it a little bigger each time,” Stallard said. “Last year, we started at Eastbrook. This year we were able to hit three spots.”

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Stallard said this year’s event included the Verda and Ages communities and Eastbrook Apartments.

“We were able to do a little more this year; we were happy about that,” Stallard said. “We had a very good showing at all locations. We gave out between 700 and 800 gifts. We also gave out many bags of toddler clothes.”

According to Stallard, the event began at approximately 1 p.m. It ended at approximately 5 p.m. on Dec. 18.

The Southern Brothers chapter president, Robert Edens (also known as Lone Wolfe), took on the role of Santa Clause to help distribute the toys. Stallard noted that the Southern Brothers Club women deserve a large amount of credit.

“They really go above and beyond,” Stallard said. “They’re the ones that get it all wrapped.”

Stallard explained the local Cash Express location is also involved in the toy drive.

“I actually started this because of Cash Express,” Stallard said. “They had come to me years ago and said they were doing a toy drive and wanted some help. I found out they gave the toys they collected to Mountain Santa.”

While the original Mountain Santa, Mike Howard, passed away a few years ago, his work has been continued by Jordan Howard.

“Jordan does a great job,” Stallard said. “I talked with him, and that’s how we came up with our plan of going up KY 38. Jordan had said they took care of pretty much everywhere except that road.”

Stallard explained the Southern Brothers wanted to hold their drive for children that other organizations were not serving, and the communities on KY 38 fit the bill.

“As a club, we’re always trying to find ways to give back to the community,” Stallard said. “That’s the biggest thing. A lot of bikers have a stereotype, and that is in no way what Southern Brothers are. We’re just guys who like to ride bikes and hang out.”

The Southern Brothers collect items for the Christmas drive throughout the year. Those wanting to donate to next year’s drive may bring in items beginning in January.

“Bring them to Slingin’ Ink (located in Evarts),” Stallard said. “Just make sure they’re clean, and if you bring clothing, make sure that’s clean too. We do not accept money.”

Stallard pointed out that while he started collecting gifts for Cash Express, these days, Cash Express collects items for the Southern Brothers to distribute during their toy drive.

“Every single gift will be wrapped and handed out to a local child that year,” Stallard said. “That’s our policy.”