The results are in!

Published 10:33 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The 2022 General Election is now history, and the unnofficial results for Harlan County are in.

Adam Bowling (R) outdistanced challenger Gary Smith (D) for the Harlan County vote for State Representative for the 87th District with 4,411 votes to 743, while Jacob D. Justice (R) prevailed over Angie Hatton (D) for the Harlan County vote for State Representative of the 94th District. Hatton pulled 510 votes with Justice racking up 1,829 votes. 

The contest for Circuit Court Judge saw Kent Hendrickson hanging on the his office with 4,363 votes to challenger Karen Davenport’s 2,546 votes.

Dan Mosley (R) was unopposed for Harlan County Judge-Executive.

Republican Chris Brewer pulled in 6,317 votes, beating out Democrat challenger Mike Lunsford’s 1,463 votes for the office of Harlan County Sheriff.

Challenger Ashley Sullivan (R) won the office of Harlan County Clerk with 5,150 votes, outdistancing incumbent Donna Hoskins (D) who garnered 2,637 votes.

John Derrick Noe won the contest for Harlan County Coroner, pulling in 5,762 votes to Emanuel Mason’s 1,839 votes.

Seats on the Harlan Independent Board of Education went to Will Miller, Debby Howard and Virgil Eversole.

Scott Sherman won 5th District seat on the Harlan County Board of Education. The 4th District Board of Education seat went to Wallace Napier with 658 votes to Lavanda Pennington’s 325 votes.

The position of 1st District Magistrate stayed with Clark “Sparky” Middleton with 1,48 votes, with challenger Matt Napier (I) coming up short with 658 votes.

The office 2nd District Magistrate stayed with Bill Moore, who ran unopposed.

In the race for 3rd District Magistrate, Paul Browning (R) retained his seat beating out challenger Russell Huff (D) by 1,082 votes to 193.

Republican Jim Roddy held on to his seat as 4th District Magistrate, pulling in 1,291 votes to challenger Lonnie Adkins’ 195 votes.

James Howard (R) held on the 5th District Magistrate seat, with 1.090 votes of challenger Travis Hensley’s (D) 694.

The Office or Mayor of the city of Harlan stayed with Joe Meadors who pulled in 363 votes to challenger Dakota Hensley’s 134.

Incumbent Charles Raleigh retained his seat as Cumberland Mayor with 247 votes to challengers Arthur Miller’s 45 votes and Jonathan Franklin’s 106 votes.

Clark Bailey won the race for city of Loyall Mayor, with 256 votes to 58 votes pulled by Danny Glenn Perkins.

Danny Quillen won the race for Mayor of the city of Benham with 137 votes, with Chad Morgan garnering 80 votes.

Eddie Manning ran unopposed for Mayor of Evarts.

Justin Wren was unopposed for Mayor or Lynch. 

Constable for the 1st District went to Tony Noe, who ran unopposed. 

2nd District Constable went to Republican Scotty Moore with 1,082 votes, outdistancing Democrat Clyde Payne’s 303 votes.

The post of 3rd District Constable went to Dale Halcomb (R) with 1,007 votes, besting James Ray Boggs (D) with 235 votes.

Steven Ray (R) ran unopposed for 4th District Constable. 

The post of 5th District Constable went to Robert Haywood (R), who was unopposed.

Others who ran unopposed in the General Election include Felicia Wooten-Tamme (R) for Harlan County PVA, Fred Busroe (R) for Harlan County Attorney, and B.J. Burkhart for Harlan County Jailer.