JACES wins archery competition at Wallins

Published 12:20 am Saturday, March 7, 2020

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Arrows were flying recently as Wallins Elementary School its their very first archery competition. Wallins, Cawood, James A. Cawood and Green Hills all met at Wallins to compete.

JACES earned top team with a top 10 combined score of 2546. Individually, JACES swept the top male category with Landon Brock scoring 272, Landon Smith scoring 271 and Wyatt Miles scoring 261.

Top 10 scores calculated for JACES’ team score: Landon Brock 272, Landon Smith 271, Wyatt Miles 261, David Farley 260, Eathan Rhymer 255, Michael Harris 253, Tyler Coots 252, Mitchell Johnson 243, Dustin Jones 241 and Jared Rhymer 238.

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Green Hills finished secnd in the team rankings with a combined score of 2417. Individually, Green Hills swept the female category with Shyenne Cantrell scoring 264, Lexie Caldwell scoring 261 and Ali Hensley scoring 253.

Top 10 scores calculated for Green Hills’ team score included: Shyenne Cantrell 264, Lexie Caldwell 261, Ali Hensley 253, Scott Merrill 251, Alisha Middleton 248, Logan Whitehead 242, Addy Caldwell 232, Coby Bray 232, Destiny Farler 218, and Ethan Huff 216.

Cawood placed third in the team rankings with a top 10 combined score of 2348. Although having some impressive individual scores, nobody placed in the top three in their category.

Top 10 scores calculated for Cawood’s team score: Jason Fultz 257, Adam Grubbs 256, Mikey Smith 248, Jacob Meade 246, Randilynn Saylor 234, Jacey Collins 228, Autumn Rowe 224, Matt Daniel 213 and Alyssa Collins 194.

Wallins finished team scoring with a fourth place finish, earning a top 10 combined score of 1,972. No individual awards were earned by Wallins.

Top 10 scores calculated for Wallins’ team score: Makayla Fox 250, Jarred Tilsley 244, Brad Henson 232, Caden Craig 222, Alex Greene 216, Ben Pitman 206, Callie Griffith 183, Evan Large 162, MaRose Howland 138 and Allison Hensley 119.

More archery competitions are being hosted throughout the county in March. If you’d like information about upcoming competitions, please contact Harlan County Public Schools’ Central Office.