My sins are great, but the love of my Lord is greater

Published 12:53 pm Friday, March 6, 2020

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By Candida Sullivan

Contributing Columnist


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My sins are great and yet the love of my God is greater. He has grace for every need. Regardless of what I do or what happens to me, my God still continues to love me. I love knowing this. I love knowing that I am divinely guided in my life. And that God knows the very number of hairs on my head.

Sometimes we just skip over His amazing love for us, and how well He cares for us. We don’t even know the number of times that He moves us out of harm’s way. I’m sure we would be amazed if we could see it all, and truly see how God works things out for us.

The enemy brings thoughts of fear to us. He wants us to live in a fearful state. And sometimes he gets to me and I start dwelling on all the things that could go wrong in my life. Thinking we have to control our lives and that we are in charge is what causes a lot of our pain. God is in control of it all. And He loves us unconditionally. This is what we need to focus on.

What can we control anyway? I don’t even know how to breathe on my own. My heart pumps continuously and I don’t do anything to help it out. When I truly think about the power of my God, then I know I am safe and secure in His hands.

I love it when I can shift my attention from my problems to His power and glory. It changes how I feel about my life. Our sweet Lord gives us everything that we have in this life. It all belongs to Him.

I want to be grateful for everything that He gives me. When I can live in a state of gratitude, then my mind is focused on the blessings of right now— instead of the problems of tomorrow. At this moment, everything is fine. So, instead of worrying about the next moment, I just want to focus on the blessing of this one. This precious moment will never come again, therefore I want to praise Him by enjoying it.

Candida Sullivan is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and certified life coach. Her book, Despite Your Circumstances, won the 2016 CSPA book of the year award. It is her passion to help others learn to overcome their own circumstances. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and children. If you’d like to contact her, please email her at