Trump supports prepared to weather the storm

Published 11:20 am Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Phillip Kearny died in the Second Battle of Manassas, or Bull Run to any Yankees reading this. Kearny, who was a general in the Union Army and has the posthumous honor of a town in New Jersey bearing his name, has a statue, complete with cavalry saber, in the U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall Collection. The collection has 2 statues from every state, with 100 in total. Lawmakers in New Jersey’s capital of Trenton want to replace the Civil War hero with a statue of Alice Paul also a New Jersey native and a champion of women’s rights.

This move has Democrats in the Garden State split on the matter. Some feel that a pivotal figure in the war that made sure this tenuous union stayed together may be of more importance. Others feel that women need to be what represents the state. This interestingly coincides with the resurrection of the failed Equal Rights Amendment, which oddly seems unnecessary since we already have the 14th Amendment. Which interestingly came about in the aftermath of the Civil War.

I’d like to say I’m not the kind of guy to say, “I told you so,” but, I told you so. People thought this was going to end with the removal of confederate statues were living in complete denial. Those who offered tacit support or sat in silence because they thought this as well will soon be watching the cultural upheaval and violence that this cultural Marxist nonsense is going to produce. Hate to say it, but, once again, I told you so.

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Kaitlin Bennet, a 2nd Amendment advocate, and activist, as well as a journalist, had an appearance recently at Ohio University. While on campus to speak, Bennet was harassed, pelted with trash, had liquids thrown at her, and was met with a bevy of profanities towards her and those there to show support.

While I readily admit that free speech and free assembly means that people have the right to use free speech in opposition. I do have to wonder where do we draw that line. Those on the right, well those with any semblance of being on the right are usually castigated in the media, attacked by Antifa like groups, shouted down, or a combination of some, all or even more. This was on full display with Bennet’s appearance at Ohio University. Heck we’ve even seen the left’s poster boy Bernie Sanders have rallies interrupted by the likes of Black Lives Matter.

Shameful and violent behavior doesn’t end there.

The couple, who became enraged by seeing the Trump flags, also made threats of physical violence towards the two young men. This is like the countless number of incidents where people have been attacked at rallies, had their hats ripped off their heads in public, and even the violence that erupted during President Trump’s inauguration. It seems the left thinks violence is an apt response to any gathering of the right, even presences at a soft ball game. Just ask Steve Scalise.

This coming from people who feel that a pre-teen drag queen gyrating in front of middle-aged homosexuals waving purple dildos while throwing money at this child is a worthy expression of free speech. When in reality it is child abuse, sexual exploitation, and debauchery unleashed upon normal society.

Once again, the violence doesn’t stop there.

Very recently in Florida a man rammed his van into a tent where the Republican Party was registering voters. And it seems like there’s a theme here when asked by police what his motive was the man stated he hated President Trump and someone had to take a stand.

Yet, there’s more.

At the recent New Hampshire primary, a 34-year-old man was arrested for assaulting a 15-year-old Trump supporter. I could ask, but I’m guessing we all already know the motive.

Two incidents from about a year ago where a 14-year-old had his hat ripped off his head by a teachers aide on the school bus. Who expressed regret only when confronted by the police. That same day last year and an 81-year-old man was assaulted in New Jersey for the crime of wearing a Trump hat. Troubling on top of all the rhetoric and violence towards Trump supporters is the Democratic front runner, who has already had a supporter open fire on a congressional softball game, heaps praise on Fidel Castro and the bloody tyranny he imposed in Cuba. Sanders makes meager attempts to justify his praise with statements that Castro’s reign wasn’t all bad. I guess in Sander’s world achieving wider literacy rates justifies the murder of tens of thousands of people.

And as I stated earlier, there’s still more.

On the 8th of February in California, a man set fire to two American flags on a pick-up truck.

On the 6th, a man wielding a sword was arrested in Florida for threatening Trump supporters.

January 20th in Florida a man stabbed his Trump-supporting boss to death over an argument about politics.

November of last year, a Democratic Socialist party member sprays paint into the eyes of a Trump supporter.

Halloween of last year, a Michigan State student attacks conservative activists and destroys a recruiting display in the process.

Oct. 25, 2019, a man in Florida sentenced for attacking a person for wearing a MAGA hat.

Oct. 17, 2019, a military veteran who attended a Trump rally was assaulted in the parking lot returning to his vehicle.

Oct. 10, 2019 in Minnesota, there were 10 separate incidents of violence against Trump supporters.

I think you’re beginning to get the picture. I could go on, and on, and even on some more though, but I’ll mention the fact I have known local people who have faced serious repercussions and threats to their lives and the lives of the family for supporting Donald Trump and in particular his immigration policies. All of this coming from the supposedly tolerant, open and loving left.

I’ve even seen recently on social media a local Democrat leader (not an office holder) from the more rabid left wing of the party calling Trump voters low-information voters and essentially questioning their intellect. Interesting considering that many local Democrats (or at least they were at the time) voted for President Trump and many of our local Democrat officeholders.

I have to say for our local officeholders, though we disagree on some things, and obviously, on party affiliation, we agree on so much more. We have some of the last remaining conservative Democrats around. Towards the end of last year, I took a resolution to declare Harlan County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary to the judge-executive. I was pleased to work with Mr. Mosley and all of the fiscal court, which unanimously supported and voted for the measure. I’m glad to work with them and to have their support. I do offer that the door is always open if they want to come on over to our side. I still respect and will continue to work with them regardless though.

I also have to say that I doubt our local officeholders feel that Trump voters are low information voters since they share many of the same voters. I’m glad to say the insanity of the rabid left hasn’t gained control here.

So far, I’ve talked about how the insane left on the national level has perpetrated violence, threats of violence, and used all the resources available to them to intimidate Trump supporters and folks to the right. It goes much deeper than thought, however. They are following the cultural Marxist models that they either wholly embrace or have been indoctrinated enough that they de-facto support. I’ll point to one (well actually two) recent event to show that the total cultural upheaval and obliteration is their goal.

Just a day or so ago in Plymouth, Massachusetts, vandals did damage to a 9/11 memorial dedicated to that fateful day and to first responders. It was no accident considering just a week earlier vandals desecrated the Plymouth Rock — a monument to the Puritans who settled there in the 17th Century after coming over on the Mayflower. The rock an immense symbol of our country and its founding is a national monument in more ways than one.

The attacks and acts of vandalism show an undercurrent of hatred for this nation, for its founders, for those who seek to adhere to what made a nation great. It is personified in all the attacks on supporters of the president and in the machinations of the national Democrats who have tried to overturn the results of a legitimate election ever since it happened.

To this I say stand strong, stick together and be prepared to weather the coming storm that will be this election cycle.