Letter to the Editor

Published 5:54 pm Friday, January 24, 2020

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Good people of Kentucky,

You alone have tremendous power to change our country for the better. You can show the rest of the world you value decency, integrity, honesty and rule of law.

With a state population of 4.5 million, certainly there is one amongst you who the majority would support, willing and able to step forward and run for U.S. senator. Your new senator could be another Republican, an Independent with no party obligation (my preference) or a Democrat. The job pays $174,000 annually plus substantial benefits.

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The current occupant of this job is an indecent man, who seems to have no concerns about betraying his oath of office, common decency and democratic principles which many have fought and died for. Any person with a holding a typical job who behaved like this would surely be fired.

This man disgraces the state of Kentucky as well as the political party he puts above all else, including the people of Kentucky. As a puppet of moneyed interests, he promotes lopsided inequality. He crushes any attempt to rein in the spiraling cost of health care for average people. His latest actions demonstrate a “banana republic mentality” of practicing blatant corruption over integrity.

My father spent his last years in Louisville and spoke highly of the warm, easy-going, decent people he became friends with there. Please, for the sake of all of us and the future of our country, retire this disgraceful individual and replace him with someone with a moral compass.


Gary Heldt

Eugene, Oregon