President willing to stand up for our nation

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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The world is a buzz right now with talk of war with and or in Iran. Social media, living rooms, around the water cooler, in bars and perhaps just about anywhere, people are talking about the possibility of World War III.

This all comes after the United States’ retaliation for attacks on our embassy in Baghdad. Iraq. The drone strike that killed top Iranian military leader, Qassem Soleimani and the build up of American troops afterwards have caused the public this country and perhaps the Middle East to be both apprehensive and some joyful.

In this country, myself, like many others, are glad we have a president whose first thought isn’t capitulation, bribery and apologizing for wrongs being done to us. I’m also glad we didn’t have a president bomb an aspirin factory to draw attention away from his impeachment. I’m sure some will make that claim in regards to Trump as well, but my feeling is President Trump finds the impeachment proceedings a joke. I know the rest of us do.

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I’m glad, like most everyone else is I’m sure, that we have a president who didn’t ignore calls for help, blame a video and basically tuck tail and hide for attacks on us. Though it isn’t like former President Barrack Hussein Obama had an aversion to drones, or droning. Obama had several thousand drone attacks, many of which killed civilians and non-combatants. Or to juxtapose it in this manner, President Trump took out a top leader responsible for many terrorist operations. He didn’t drone a wedding party.

I’m thankful that the president is willing to stand for America and our people. I thought the policy of not only Obama but many of our past leaders was weak and unrealistic, attempting to bribe leaders without showing our strength perpetuated in their minds, weakness. A stronger man never comes to bargain with the weaker man when he thinks he can best him. Thank God we have a leader now who isn’t seen as a man of weakness.

That being said, there’s no need to be thrown into the quagmire even more by perpetuating the endless Middle East war. I was going to say another endless war, but the truth hit me that the conflict started in 2001 has never really ended.

Reigniting the conflict and a build up is something the neoconservatives or Neo-Trotskyites (as I call them) in both parties, waiting with baited breath. For the neocon, Orwell’s cautionary tale “1984” is more of a how to book. For them, the war never ends, it only changes locations and players.

For reasons that include; failed strategies, economic to heretical theological reasons the neoconservatives champion endless conflict in the Middle East. They champion endless war that never promises any resolution or peace. There is no resolution or peace that benefits anyone other than the neocon and their allies. President Trump, while remaining firm in his resolve and willing to show we will not stand for attacks on our soil or our people, must resist the machinations and strings of the puppeteers in the shadows.

If we are to go to war with Iran, or any nation, it must be to serve American interests. Not to serve the purpose of continually chaos and destabilization. America first is not served by doing the bidding of globalist players.

So in close, we should be in prayer for our nation, our president, our soldiers, and even for our “enemies,” and, hopefully, we resolve these issues without accelerating warfare in the Middle East.