Congress must stand strong against impeachment

Published 11:30 pm Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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By Clark Bailey

The Loyalist

The House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment this week and are moving to a full floor vote in the House of Representatives. A vote, just in time for Christmas for those who have actively sought to undermine the president, his election to office, and the very fabric, dare I say, soul, of our nation. What would be their holiday gift is nothing less than a punch square in the face of the 62 million people who put Donald John Trump into office some three years ago.

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We’ve watched from the very beginning of the Trump presidency the relentless assault from the globalists and their leftist minions, from congressional minions to paid protestors, academia and last but certainly not least the Hollywood establishment and the Main Stream Media — an assault from people who do not share the values of the heartland, and quite frankly I’d be hard-pressed to decipher what values they possess.

The American public has been subjected to the Russiagate hoax and the Mueller Report along with countless made-up scandals — a total waste of both time and money. And if that were the extent of the damage one could almost shrug off the clown show the Democrats have been running since 2017. The damage has been far more extensive, however. Mistrust abounds in regards to our institutions, the functions they perform and the process carried out to facilitate those functions. Distrust of the media is almost universal. Both sides (though claiming there are two sides is entirely inaccurate) cling tightly to the narratives spun by what is seen as “their” outlets. The bias of most MSM is beyond transparent to a point where saying it is shameful is hardly adequate.

The damage done in regards to the division in this nation is incalculable. The attack from the left has pushed a wedge between the American people that is on the precipice of a second Civil War. It is a day most of us lament the fact we are alive to see. It is something 20 years ago, a time of political turmoil and great division as well, that I would have thought insane to even suggest. That day has arrived though. And this division is not a product of President Trump. It had been brewing, even those 20 years earlier. In reality long before that even back to the settlement and founding of this country. Donald Trump was a product, and for many, the answer to that division.

Newly inaugurated governor Andy Beshear recently said he would have a blanket restoration of voting rights to over 100,000 felons. This while outgoing governor Matt Bevin made some very controversial uses of his power to pardon. Social media has been a firestorm over this subject and I have said my peace on the matter in that platform. What I want to talk about is something different, however.

Governor Beshear has been a very vocal critic of Kentucky’s fetal heartbeat law since its conception. During his tenure as Kentucky’s Attorney General, he challenged the bill and even claimed it was unconstitutional. This past Monday, the highest court in the land refused to hear an appeal against the law made by the American Civil Liberties Union. The Supreme Court did so without comment, upholding the decision by the 6th Circuit, which upheld the law.

The passage of the law, which requires doctors to perform ultrasounds and provide images to the patient before an abortion can be performed, is a big win for the pro-life movement in the country. Its effect can be easily measured by the fact the leftist establishment in the person of the governor and the ACLU oppose it vehemently.

The constant and relentless opposition to any measures taken to preserve and protect human life by the left makes all the platitudes concerning children ring hollow, very, very hollow. The hypocrisy of the left when it comes to life and of children is beyond appalling. The heinousness, callousness and shameful philosophies and policies are rarely if ever called out by the MSM or their cohorts in entertainment/fiction. In fact, the left is usually on the attack on the right and pro-lifers. These attacks are usually never defended and almost never answered back. Often times Conservative Inc. just buckles like a belt.

Suck cuckoldry is one reason those on the left can continue to win even though the majority of the world is out of touch with insanity. Conservacuks are yet to figure out that buckling never wins friends among those on the left. It just advertises they aren’t worthy adversaries and their opposition will falter.

I call on the members of Congress to stand instead of buckling and defeat impeachment in the House before it even goes to the Senate. We do not need to add to the national nightmare that is the left-wing Democrat temper tantrum over Hills losing the election. I also call on all members of the legislature in Kentucky to not only stand against any attempts by Beshear to weaken pro-life laws but to work hard to strengthen Kentucky’s stand for life.