Democrats seeing red after election

Published 7:10 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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The Democrats are seeing red. The totals from the election earlier this month in Kentucky, outside of the very narrow victory the Democrats took in the governor’s race, were heavily lopsided in the GOP’s favor.

In that governor’s race, Democrat Andy Beshear garnered 49.2 percnet of the vote compared to incumbent Matt Bevin’s 48.8 percent. In a race where less than a month ago Beshear had a 10-point lead and Bevin was regularly proclaimed the least popular governor in the nation, the 5,000 (or so) vote margin is nothing for the Democrats to rest their laurels on.

In Harlan County Bevin took almost 70 percent of the vote as Harlan County went red up and down the ticket. Incoming Attorney General Daniel Cameron easily defeated former AG and political stalwart Greg Stumbo with 57 percent statewide and an astonishing 72.9 percent in Harlan County. The rout didn’t stop there. Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles coasted to re-election with 58.2 percent in the state and 74.1 percent in Harlan County. State Auditor Mike Harmon pulled 55.7 percent across the commonwealth and 73 percent in Harlan. Michael Adams, who faced off against former Miss America Heather Henry French, surprised some with 52.3 percent state and 72.9 in Harln. Treasurer Allison Ball rode back into office with a whopping 60.7 percent statewide and 76.9 percent in Harlan County.

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Harlan County was particularly strong for the Republican Party with 2,493 straight ticket pulls and every single Republican candidate winning every single precinct in the county outside of the mail-in absentees. This is the third straight election beginning with the 2016 presidential election where Republican straight-ticket pulls have dwarfed that of the Democrats in what was once a solid and predictable Democrat County. Voter registration also has moved dramatically in this once solidly blue county with over 1,500 Democrats switching to Republican since 2016. All of these things have the Democratic Party seeing red.

Such a dramatic shift has the Democrat oligarchs scrambling for cover, and lashing out as their base and areas of support shift. It is a war of attrition they are losing, painfully losing. This has lead to the inevitable and sad lashing out.

I’ve heard the tried and predictable criticism of voting straight ticket, which interestingly was never cast when those votes were cast straight Democrat. I’ve also heard and read the vitriol leveled at voters who cast votes according to the values. Once again, something that was never criticized when those values lined up with the goals of the Democratic Party. Abortion, which is a major issue for those who are nestled in the buckle of the Bible Belt, has also been criticized as an issue not relevant to state politics. Taking this charge at face value rings hollow when state pro-choice and pro-abortion groups, including but not limited to Planned Parenthood all endorse and campaigned for the governor-elect. Protection for or animosity towards the unborn is an issue up and down the ticket up and down from federal to local, whether or not a candidate or an office can influence the issue directly, most people tend to side with those who share what is important to themselves.

Harlan County is a strong values voters county and it is one of the reasons why Harlan County has trended away from the Democrats. The chasm will continue to widen as the national party sets the agenda and drifts even further, and further left, continuing to alienate what common sensed minded people that are left in the Democrat Party. For some time, the values voters still clung to the Democrats as the party of the working man. A moniker that has long ceased to have any relevance, as the Democrats champion off shoring, massive immigration ( both legal and illegal) to replace workers, and champions of technological replacement of human workers. The DNC has swung so far into the corporatists’ corner that it is hard to distinguish them from free-market worshiping cucks wing of the GOP. In fact, attempting to distinguish because both have sold out the common American to multinational corporations and globalism.

The GOP onslaught has even led some local Democrats to start making excuses for why the narrow gubernatorial win will not produce for Harlan County, by making the claim that since Harlan didn’t go for Beshear that they wouldn’t blame him for not doing anything here. Which leads me to ask what prevented his father Steve Beshear from doing anything in Harlan County after the 2007 and 2011 elections when he won Harlan County. In those eight years, Beshear was governor Harlan County had a Democrat Judge-Executive, a majority Democrat fiscal court, a Democrat-controlled state house of representatives, and for part of that time a Democrat president and Congress. My myopia must be the reason I can’t seem to see what all those years of supporting the machine brought Harlan County. Yet another reason why the Democrats are seeing red.

The national wing of the Democrat Party is doing everything within its power to ensure any normal and common person supports the re-election of Donald John Trump as president of the United States. The farce and circus known as the impeachment hearing proceedings have been a laugh a minute at best and borderline treasonous coup attempt at worst. I’ve been down with a cold/flu for most of the recent proceedings and what little I have viewed has turned my stomach more than my current condition has.

The patheticness of both the charges, lack of evidence and lack of witnesses to anything but hearsay has damaged the already lackluster reputations of nitwits like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi. One has to imagine the amounts of voter fraud it takes to keep them in office because even their constituents can’t be absent-minded enough to re-elect them, or perhaps it is a lobotomized constituency that returns them to Congress every two years. Either way, the ineffectiveness of the Dem’s impeachment gamble also has them seeing red.