Wallins hosts reading/math nights

Published 6:11 am Sunday, November 3, 2019

Courtesy of Harlan County Schools

Several Wallins primary teachers hosted their second Reading/Math night for parents and students. The event was co-sponsored by FRYSC and the Save the Children program. Students in K4- through third-grade dressed in their Halloween costumes. They made spider hats in the library, were told a ghost story, and read aloud, “The Little Old Lady Who Was Afraid of Anything.” Each student received their own copy of the book donated by the Save the Children program. Students then rotated through a literacy station where they went on a scavenger hunt, a math station where they used dice to play a spooky math game, and a craft station where they created homemade pumpkin slime. Over 55 students were in attendance and were treated with pizza, dirt pudding cups with gummy worms, brownie bat treats, mummy drinks and vampire juice. Third grader Taylor Daniels and Kindergartener Madelyn Craig were the two lucky winners of a new toy donated by Save the Children. In November, a third Reading/Math night will be presented which will include a special drawing for a Thanksgiving meal donated by First Priority and another free book from the Save the Children program.

Several Wallins primary teachers recently hosted one (of four throughout the year) Reading/Math night for parents and students K-3. The event was co-sponsored by FRYSC and Save the Children program. The theme was Johnny Appleseed. Before the students read the story of Johnny Appleseed and watched a short video, they made kettle-shaped hats with their parents/guardians. Next, they went to three different stations which consisted of math games, a literacy room and a craft room where students made Johnny Appleseed hand puppets. Last, they enjoyed snacks in the cafeteria which included warm apple cider, deconstructed apple pies, apple decorated cupcakes and a Johnny Appleseed surprise. Save the Children donated a free book to each student and two lucky winners enjoyed two brand new toys. The students went home, “Apple-y ever after.”

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