Harlan native writes new novel based in Harlan Co.

Published 4:41 pm Monday, March 26, 2018

Harlan native Dr. Richard G. “Dick” Edwards, son of the late J.B. and Lillie Mae Edwards, of Harlan, has published his seventh novel, all of which are based in Harlan County.

Edwards described this last book, “The Adventures of Preacher Puss,” as a book like none other you’ve ever read — an exciting adventure as told by a cat.

Preacher Puss is the feline resident in the Harlan County Sheriff’s Office with a unique ability to subdue crooks. The novel intertwines an attempt by a team of North Korean Air Force pilots to bomb a farm home in Harlan County with numerous heart-warming and hilarious escapades of Preacher Puss. In an effort to get revenge, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s madman Supreme Leader, sends in a strike force to kill seven of his countrymen who failed in previous missions and were granted political asylum and living in Harlan County, but Preacher Puss thwarts their efforts. Officials decide to recognize their special hero by making her an honorary Harlan County Deputy Sheriff, but the ceremony almost allows the bad guys to achieve their goal.

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Those readers that are either cat lovers and/or enjoy fast-paced adventure will treasure this story that mixes huge doses of mountain characters and humor with a thrilling story line.

One reviewer said, “It is a thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat, but then I almost fell to the floor laughing at the antics of Preacher Puss and all the funny stories. This is one book I truly couldn’t put down. I read it in one day!”

Edwards, a 1958 graduate of Harlan High School, commented, “Preacher Puss was a character in all of my previous novels and many people who read them told me how much they enjoyed the cat’s involvement. Several folks suggested that I consider writing a novel focused on Preacher Puss. This book reflects that effort, along with my attempt to include a lot of mountain stories and humor reflecting my Harlan heritage, of which I am very proud.”

The Adventures of Preacher Puss and Edwards’ other six novels are available at JewelCraft in the Village Center Mall in Harlan, and online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.