Harlan, Rosspoint win district Governor’s Cups

Published 11:13 am Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Elementary School Governor’s Cup competitions were held across the state on Feb. 10. Area district winners included Page, District 119; Bell Central, District 120; Harlan, District 121; and Rosspoint ,District 122.

Here are the results by District:


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Overall: Page was first, followed by Yellow creek, Middlesboro Middle and Middlesboro Elementary.

Quick Recall: Page, first; Middlesboro, second; Yellow Creek, third; and Middlesboro Middle, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Yellow Creek, first.

Mathematics: Jackson Walters, Page, first; Logan Stepp, Page, second; Kenna Gambrel, Yellow Creek, third; Elijah Hampton, Page, fourth; and Chandlier Cox and Quentin Robertson, both of Middlesboro, tie for fifth.

Science: Landon Eldridge, Page, first; Ethan Reese, Yellow Creek, second; Carson Walters, Page, third; Jackson Walters, Page, fourth; and Devin Parker, Middlesboro Elementary, Emily Mason, Middlesboro Middle, and Carson Gage, Yellow Creech, tie for fifth.

Social Studies: Jaden Earle, Page, first; Blake Burnett, Page, second; Landon Eldridge, Page, third; Chandlier Cox, Middlesboro Elementary, fourth; and Aieza Ahmad, Middlesboro Middle, fifth.

Language Arts: Kaelyn Miracle, Page, first; Trevor Raney, Middlesboro Middle, second; Aieza Ahmad, Middlesboro middle, third; Elijah Barton, Middlesboro Middle, fourth; Blake Marsee, and Bracken Roberts, both of Middlesboro Elementary, tie for fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Kaelyn Miracle, Page, first; Emily Mason, Middlesboro Middle, second; Alyssa Mullins, Middlesboro Elementary, third; Abigail Mason, Yellow Creek, fourth; and Ethan Muncy, Middlesboro Elementary, fifth.

Composition: Jaden Earle, Page, first; Gracie Collett, Yellow Creek, second; Elijah Barton, Middlesboro Middle, third; Chloe Mahan, Yellow Creek, fourth; and Abney Allen, Middlesboro Middle, fifth.


Overall: Bell Central, first; Wallins, second; Right Fork, third; and Pineville fourth.

Quick Recall: Bell Central, first; Wallins, second; Right Fork, third; and Pineville, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Wallins, first; Bell Central, second; and Right Fork, third.

Mathematics: Meredith Allen, Bell Central, first; Drake Lawson, Right Fork, second; Ethan Simpson, Wallins, third; Thomas Polson, Wallins, fourth; and Ruby Fisher, Bell Central, fifth.

Science: Reese Arno, Bell Central, first; Jared Knuckles, Bell Central, second; Ryan Caldwell, Right Fork, third; and Evan Coley, Pineville, Aaron Johnson, Wallins, and Cooper Brock, tie for fourth.

Social Studies: Evan Simpson, Wallins, first; Kylee Greer, Bell Central, second; Jimmy Shepherd and Brennan Blevins, both of Wallins, tied for third; and Ava Arnett, Pineville, fifth.

Language Arts: Jimmy Shepherd, Wallins, first; Hailey Fugate, Right Fork, second; Savannah Hill, Wallins, third; Drake Lawson, Right Fork, fourth; and Lauren McGeorge, Bell Central, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Savannah Hill, Wallins, first; Leah Jones, Bell Central, second; Callie Griffith, Wallins, third; Ashton Evans, Wallins, fourth; and Eli Knuckles, Bell Central fifth.

Composition: Kylee Greer, Bell Central, first; Ava Woods, Bell Central, second; Afton Wagner, Bell Central third; Malley Smith, Pineville, fourth; and Kamryn Biliter, Pineville, fifth.


Overall: Harlan, first; James A. Cawood, second; Green Hills, third; and Cawood Elementary, fourth.

Quick Recall: Harlan, first; James A. Cawood, second; Green Hills, third; and Cawood, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Harlan, first; James A. Cawood, second.

Mathematics: Sayed Damaa, Harlan, first; Maddox Huff, Harlan, second; Ade Akisanya, Harlan, third; Ali Hensley, Green Hills, and Leah Davis, James A. Cawood, tie for fourth.

Science: Maddox Huff, Harlan, first; Sayed Damaa, Harlan, second; Seth Coogle, James A. Cawood, third; Ade Akisanya, Harlan, fourth; and Destiny Farler, Green Hills, fifth.

Social Studies: Charlie Day, Harlan, first; Sheyenne Cantrell, Green Hills, second; Peyton Thompson, Harlan, third; Amelia Colinger, James A. Cawood, and Seth Coogle, James A. Cawood, tie for fourth.

Language Arts: Miranda Brock, Harlan, first; Andrew Daniels, James A. Cawood, second; Destiny Farler, Green Hills, third; Abbigail Fields, Cawood, fourth; and Salena Amro, Harlan, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Carley Thomas, Harlan, first; Audrey Goss, Harlan, second; Ella lisenbee, Harlan, third; Aubrey Noe, Cawood, fourth; and Leah Davis, James A. Cawood, fifth.

Composition: Arley Thomas, Harlan, first; Salena Amro, Harlan, second; Ella Lisenbee, third; Kylie Noe Cawood, fourth; and Kylie Jones, James A. Cawood, fifth.


Overall: Rosspoint, first; Evarts, second; Cumberland, third; and Black Mountain, fourth.

Quick Recall: Rosspoint, first; Evarts, second; Cumberland, third; and Black Mountain, fourth.

Future Problem Solving: Rosspoint, first; Evarts, second.

Mathematics: Luke Kelly, Rosspoint, first; Brett Wes Johnson, Rosspoint, second; Brody Napier, Rosspoint, third; Eric Dixon, Cumberland, fourth; and Plez Dean, Evarts, fifth.

Science: Plez Dean, Evarts, first; Matthew Brock, Evarts, second; Wyatt Hensley, Rosspoint, third; Ethan Dunn, Cumberland, fourth; and Isaiah Sage, Black Mountain, fifth.

Social Studies: Ashton Sizemore, Evarts, first; Brett Wes Johnson, Rosspoint, second; Chloe McCreary, Rosspoint, third; Devin Keith, Cumberland, fourth; and Brylee Harmon, Rosspoint, fifth.

Language Arts: Tessa Collins, Evarts, first; Abby Sherman, Cumberland, second; Drucillaa Brown, Evarts, third; Kaitlyn Daniels, Rosspoint, fourth; and Brianna Howard, Rosspoint, fifth.

Arts and Humanities: Chloe McCreary, Rosspoint, first; Haley Huff, Evarts, second; Brianna Howard, Rosspoint, third; Drucilla Brown, Evarts, fourth; and Rikki Lynn Marsee, Rosspoint, fifth.

Composition: Brianna Howard, Rosspoint, first; Harlee Sergent, Rosspoint, second; Abby Sherman, Cumberland, third; Jonah Neal, Black Mountain, fourth; Lacey Short, Rosspoint, fifth.

Students will compete at the Regional Governor’s Cup competition on March 3 at Harlan Elementary School.