‘Change a Pet’s Life Day’ coming up

Published 6:30 am Monday, January 22, 2018

Jan. 24 is Change a Pet’s Life Day and Hobo the Wonder Dog and I want to encourage you to consider changing your life during this year’s celebration of pets. This is a time to encourage friends and communities to support local shelters, pet adoption, while recognizing shelter workers and volunteers. Shelter and rescue organizations are always in need of donations, volunteers, and supplies. We encourage you to contact your local shelter or rescue organizations and ask how you can make a difference in a pet’s life this year.

My life was changed with the adoption of Hobo the Wonder Dog in May of 2014. I was not looking for another pet and certainly was not interested in visiting a shelter to look for a dog in need. While having a conversation with friends on a busy sidewalk, I was asked to visit a shelter and look at a dog named Hobo. Bee Graham told the story of how Hobo had been abused and how she helped him find his way to the safety of a shelter. Bee had hopes of Hobo finding his forever home through the shelter.

I reluctantly and halfheartedly agreed to go to the shelter to see Hobo as a favor to a friend — with no intention of adopting Hobo. To my surprise the shelter refused a visit with Hobo. I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions to save a dog I had never met. See, Hobo had been abandoned, abused, betrayed, and forgotten, and when he arrived at the shelter he exhibited fear aggression. The shelter had decided to euthanize Hobo instead of trying to find him a forever home. My request to see Hobo would be denied, obstacles seemed impossible to overcome, but I was up for the challenge. No matter the request the shelter demanded — I said of course. I hired a certified dog trainer and agreed to a ninety-day residency training program and agreed to abide by any recommendations for socializing Hobo into the community.

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While in the fight for a dog I had never met, I had no idea how these turns of events would change my life. Every phone call—every obstacle — made me more determined to save Hobo. On May 22, 2014 Hobo was granted a new “leash on life” and we are making the most of a world changed for both of us. Life was scary for Hobo but, with the love and patience of his new family he continues to progress with courage and trust. Hobo and I hike the mountains and search the streets for adventure while pushing the envelope of trust. From car repair shops to hardware stores, there are always new sounds — new people, and a new adventure where Hobo learns to trust a little bit more.

For me — Hobo changed my life, causing me to pause and see a dog’s life from a different perspective. The wonder of Hobo brought into focus how the complexity of an abused animal can change the lives of those who see past their pain to reap the joy of such a strong relationship. Hobo the Wonder Dog is out to change the world one adventure at a time.

Won’t you celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day by supporting your local shelter or animal rescue?

Life is better with a rescued dog — woolf!

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