More moved out of Ky. than moved in during 2017

Published 9:33 am Friday, January 5, 2018

A new study reveals that more people left Kentucky in 2017 than moved into the state.

That migration result ranks the state eighth on United Van Lines’ annual “Most Moved From States” list.

Fifty-six percent of the moves in Kentucky were outbound, according to United Van Lines’ 41st annual National Movers Study.

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Of those who moved out of the state, 55 percent cited a job as the reason for going to other states, the study revealed. Moving closer to family was responsible for 24 percent of the moves outside Kentucky. Nearly one in five overall in the survey did so to be closer to family in 2017.

The Northeast and Midwest were the most affected by people moving out, with Illinois topping all other states at 63 percent going outbound. New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Kansas followed in that order.

Vermont was the top destination in 2017 with nearly 68 percent of the moves being inbound. Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and South Dakota followed respectively.

The study tracks customers’ state-to-state migration patterns over the past year.

United Van Lines has tracked migration patterns annually on a state-by-state basis since 1977.

Top outbound states for 2017:

· Illinois

· New Jersey

· New York

· Connecticut

· Kansas

· Massachusetts

· Ohio

· Kentucky

· Utah

· Wisconsin

Top inbound states for 2017:

· Vermont

· Oregon

· Idaho

· Nevada

· South Dakota

· Washington

· South Carolina

· North Carolina

· Colorado

· Alabama