Rosspoint wins top honors in Sixth Grade Showcase

Published 11:10 am Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rosspoint Elementary School won top honors in the Section 33 Sixth Grade Showcase held recently at Harlan City Schools. Bell Central placed second, followed by Harlan Middle in third, James A. Cawood in fourth, Middlesboro Middle in fifth, Page School Center in sixth, Cawood in seventh and Pineville in eighth.

Top honors in quick recall were Rosspoint, first; Page, second; Bell Central, third; Harlan Middle, fourth; and Cawood, James A. Cawood, Middleboro and Pineville, tied for fifth.

Top honors in individual assessment areas were:

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Mathematics: Dalton Neff, first, JACES; Wyman Fischer, Bell Central, second; Trent Noah, Harlan Middle, third; Caleb Scearse, JACES, fourth; Connor Lefevers, Bell Central, fifth; Mallory McNiel, Harlan Middle, sixth.

Science: Landon McCreary, Rosspoint, first; Christopher Taylor, Rosspoint, second; Wyman Fischer, Bell Central, third; Jace Noe, Cawood, fourth; Bryan Howard, Rosspoint, fifth; and Michael Harris, JACES, sixth.

Social Studies: Dalton Neff, JACE, and Will Holder, Bell Central, tie for first; Bryan Howard, Rosspoint, third; Landon McCreary, Rosspoint, fourth; Brayden Howard, Rosspoint, fifth; and Holly Gambrel, Bell Central, and Gunnar Snelling, Harlan Middle, tie for sixth.

Language Arts: Danielle Esan, Harlan Middle, first; Brayden Howard, Rosspoint, second; Kevin Thomas Lee, Harlan, third; Anna Day, Rosspoint, fourth; Michaelyn Dye, Bell Central, fifth; and Khearsa Asher, Middlesboro, sixth.

Arts and Humanities: Christopher Taylor, Rosspoint, first; Daniel Slaven, Middlesboro, second; Amanda Ward, JACE, third; Khearsa Asher, Middlesboro, fourth; Brooklyn Sanders, Page, fifth; and Hannah Osan, Pineville, sixth.

Compostion: Madilynn Jackson, Middlesboro, first; Michaelyn Dye, Bell Centeral second; Kamryn Burnett, Bell Central, third; Mallory McNiel, Harlan Middle, fourth; Chris Williams, Pineville, fifth; and Kara Miracle, Cawood, sixth.