Hobo’s Thanksgiving

Published 6:30 am Monday, November 27, 2017

Hobo the Wonder Dog and I realize we have a lot to be thankful for; as we put another Thanksgiving holiday behind us — we realize how blessed we are. When Hobo came into my life I was not looking for a dog and I certainly didn’t need another pet. I halfheartedly agreed to look at Hobo after a friend gave a passionate and desperate plea. On the other hand, Hobo needed a savior — a miracle, and by fate Hobo was on a collision course with someone up to the fight. Hobo’s Thanksgiving offered me the opportunity to reflect on the blessings of sharing my life with a dog named Hobo.

The beginnings for Hobo the Wonder Dog were not so wonderful. He roamed the neighborhood where my friends lived, they tried to find his rightful owner without luck. Hobo soon found himself in trouble with people not so understanding of a stray dog’s shenanigans. My friend gave the puppy a ball and he took it everywhere he went so, they called him Hobo. It wasn’t long until tensions grew thick between neighbors, and Hobo was in the middle. Some chased him, kids were cruel to him, and some threatened to kill him. My friend decided for Hobo’s protection he should go to a shelter. Thinking a shelter would give Hobo the best opportunity to find a forever home.

Hobo had learned to fear people and was not easy to catch. A neighbor lured Hobo into a trap for animal control. Hobo again had been betrayed by someone he trusted. Once at the shelter, Hobo was labeled “unadoptable” and was to be euthanized. I was denied access to see Hobo and the fight was on to save a dog I had never met. Three days later, a dog trainer, an insurance policy, and a whole lot of determination I adopted Hobo sight unseen. Not for a second have I ever regretted the fight to adopt Hobo.

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It is difficult for me to think anyone could euthanize a dog as beautiful as Hobo. It took Hobo several months to come out of his shell and to prove how sweet he really is. He still becomes stressed when we are separated and in certain situations.

Five reasons I am thankful for Hobo the Wonder Dog:

· He is my sentinel, always keeping guard and protecting me from everything—especially rabbits and squirrels.

· I am always forgiven no matter what. If I work late, or pet another dog, no matter the infraction dogs forgive easily.

· When it comes to loyalty dogs set the standard. No matter what, dogs are loyal to their families. I am blessed by Hobo’s loyalty.

· Acceptance, our pets always accept us as we are—they never judge us on looks only by our love and friendship.

· I know I am always number one with my dogs, they will place me first before themselves. No matter what I want, a road trip, a hike in the woods, a game of fetch, or simply vegetate at home, they are ready for the adventure.

This Thanksgiving I counted the blessings Hobo the Wonder Dog brings to me, and there are far more than the five I have listed here. Hobo is thankful for me too, he cannot list them but, he tells me daily with the wag of his tail and his eagerness to please. His outings, hikes, and road trips, all help him trust again and to live a happy life. We are thankful for each other every day and hope you might have room in your heart for a dog needing a hero.

Life is better with a dog — woof!

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