National Veterinary Technician Week

Published 6:30 am Thursday, October 19, 2017

National Veterinary Technician Week 2017 is Oct. 15-21. Hobo the Wonder Dog knows it takes more than a veterinarian to keep him healthy — it takes a veterinary healthcare team. Veterinary technicians have a vast knowledge of animal behavior, life processes, and everything from anesthesia to x-ray. The veterinary technicians are a valuable and integral part of your pet’s healthcare team. They are educated in the latest medical advances to help ensure they give your pet the best possible medical care.

This annual event recognizing veterinary technicians for their contributions to your pet’s healthcare and all the contributions they offer not only the veterinary practice, but to the lives they touch. These nurses — these soldiers of compassion are the smiles that greet you on wellness visits and the tenderness to wipe the tears at the end of life.

Surveys indicate most people are unaware of the valuable work veterinary technicians offer their patients. This year’s theme is “Advancing Veterinary Nursing and Veterinary Technology” It speaks to the diversity they experience and the animals they treat. They must have proficiency to care for animals with feathers, fur, scales and skin. They must deliver care and compassion in the best and worst of times. As a nurse I respect and honor the contributions these warriors offer day in and day out to our loving pets — our family.

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If you are considering a career in animal healthcare, veterinary technicians are in high demand. According to the Lincoln Memorial University’s web page there are at least four jobs for every veterinary technology graduate. The high demand for veterinary technicians offers flexibility and a wide range of opportunities for example: small animal clinics, zoos, management, research and public health to name a few. Veterinarian technicians make a difference in not only the animal’s lives — but in the lives of their companions.

Hobo the Wonder Dog will honor the veterinary technicians who assist in keeping him healthy and happy. Here are a few of Hobo’s suggestions for recognizing the special veterinarian technicians in your life: Send a thank you card; volunteer a few hours of your time at a local animal shelter in their honor; make a donation to an animal charity in honor of a technician who has touched your life; or post an acknowledgement and recognize a veterinarian technician on your social media pages.

National Veterinary Technician Week is about acknowledging the contributions these valuable people make in our pet’s lives and the appreciation we have to their dedication and knowledge. Hobo and I say a big thank you to all the veterinarian technicians in his life for making him one healthy and lucky dog!

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