Welcher addresses chamber

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 1, 1970

The Harlan Chamber of Commerce discussed a number of topics during a meeting on Wednesday, including hearing from Tim Welcher of the Harlan County Christian School.

Chamber member Preston McClain introduced Welcher to the group.

Welcher then addressed the group, advising he is the administrator for Harlan County Christian School.

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“I just started in July,” he said.

Welcher said he was asked to be the school’s administrator in March. He said he came to Harlan and attended a few functions at the school.

“I called my wife and said ‘we need to pray about this, I think this may be exactly where God is calling us.’” Welcher said. “My wife and I felt called to Harlan County Christian School.”

Welcher told the group he grew up in a place in upstate New York very much like Harlan.

“I grew up country, I grew up eating greens, beans, cornbread and drinking sweet tea,” Welcher said. “I could look out the window and see cows in the pasture on the hill. When you opened the window, you could smell the cows in the pasture on the hill.”

He explained the school is kept going through fundraisers.

“If you know someone who would like to help out financially or help a student to pay the tuition, please contact us, we would love to talk to you about the adopt a student program,” Welcher said. “We also have an adopt a class program…if you want to help out a class, you can come and help out a specific class.”

Welcher pointed out the school attempts to reach children in the community and give them an education where they can be productive part of society.

McClain also updated the panel on the upcoming board election.

“The boar election is to be held on Oct. 11,” McClain said. “The nominating committee will present a slate of officer nomination to the board at the Sept. 28 board meeting”

According to McClain, nominations are being accepted for the positions of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. A total of four at large board positions will also be filled.

According to a board member, the president, vice-president secretary and treasurer are one year terms. The president and vice-president may serve up to two years while the secretary and treasurer may serve a total of five years. At large board members serve a three-year term.

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