Mosley gives county COVID-19 update

Published 3:00 pm Friday, April 3, 2020

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Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley continues to keep Harlan Countians informed via Facebook and other tools, with his most recent updates addressing stimulus check scams, delays in test results and fake news/rumors. Mosley also made an amendment to his original state of emergency declaration to limit the number of shoppers in an establishment at a time.

“With the recent announcement of stimulus funds, the risk of scams runs high right now! Scammers will claim to need personal and financial information from citizens in order to see if they are eligible for stimulus checks. Scammers may also request information with the promise of processing stimulus checks early. Do not be a victim of identity theft! Be smart about protecting your personal information,” Mosley warned.

Mosley also released the following update regarding the State of Emergency Executive Order in Harlan County:

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All life-sustaining businesses that remain open shall develop policies to ensure that adequate social distancing (individuals staying 6 feet apart) is taking place. The number of shoppers being allowed to enter businesses shall be limited to one adult member per household effective today (April 2).

If single-parent families must enter the establishment with children, the child must be seated in the shopping cart at all times. If single parents cannot do this because of the age of the child or number of children in their care and there is not a family member to watch them, they may call Harlan County CAA at 606-573-5335 and participate in their shopping assistance program.

All shoppers allowed to enter into a life-sustaining retail business to shop shall maintain a distance of six feet from all individuals and complete their shopping as quickly as practicable.

For more information, call the judge executive’s office at 606-573-2600.

Mosley said although there are still zero confirmed cases, with a handful of negative results, in Harlan County, locals must act as if it is already here.

“We have to take this seriously or things will not get back to normal anytime soon. There are still tests pending, and this will be something that continues daily,” he said. “I had a few messages from people asking if we had a confirmed case here because the Governor read ‘Cumberland’ in his report. He was referring to one case in Cumberland County, which is in south central Kentucky — not the city of Cumberland.”

Mosley said delays in getting test results is “alarming,” with some only taking five to seven days and others taking well over 12.

“That’s why it’s so important to quarantine if you are tested or advised to by medical professionals. This delay in results proves we don’t truly know how many people are infected. The 100 positives that came back today at the state level proves that this virus was spreading fast a week ago,” Mosley said. “Imagine how it’s continuing to spread now with people still not taking it seriously enough. We all better wake up. Let’s not wait until we have to bury a family member or close friend. Many are having to do this across this Commonwealth, nation and world.

“We are actively inventorying personal protective equipment (PPE ) that has been provided to our hospital, clinics, emergency services personnel, and first responders. We are working daily chasing leads to find additional PPE for these folks. It’s tough to find but we’re looking. If you have gloves, masks, gowns, or sanitizer that you want to donate to the group referenced above, please reach out to me. Also pray for these folks and the others on the front lines keeping our essential stores operational.”

Mosely encouraged locals the best place to be is “Healthy at Home” to prevent the spread of the virus and to continue flattening the curve.

“Also, don’t spread rumors or fake news. Only trust what you receive from ‘.gov’ websites and trusted media sources. Spreading fake news only creates panic and hysteria amongst folks.”