Shop & Share a success

Published 12:07 pm Monday, February 26, 2018

The results are in for the 2018 Shop & Share fundraiser for domestic violence, with approximately $4,000 raised locally for domestic violence shelters.

Gov. Matt Bevin and First Lady Glenna Bevin joined community partners last week to announce the results of the 2018 Shop & Share fundraiser for domestic violence shelters in the Commonwealth.

According to a press release, Harlan shoppers at Don’s Super Saver donated $1,348. Food City (Harlan) received $1,224 in donated items, Save-A-Lot (Evarts) received $651 in donated items and Food City (Cumberland) received $715 in donated goods, making Harlan County the highest in total receipts in the Cumberland Valley Region.

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Harlan County Domestic Violence Victim’s Advocate Sheryl Caudel said this is the ninth year for the Shop & Share fundraiser in Harlan.

“Shop & Share is an initiative to assist domestic violence shelters with their budgeting problems,” Caudel said. “What we do is we have volunteers stationed at Food City, Save-a-Lot, Kroger and IGA stores all across Kentucky on a certain day of the year. We simply ask shoppers if they can pick up one item for the women, children and men living in domestic violence shelters.”

The press release states organizational partners for Shop & Share include the First Lady’s Office, KCADV, Kroger, Food City, Super Dollar, IGA, Save-A-Lot, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana, Girl Scouts of Wilderness Road and Kentucky Drug Court.

“Typically we have a list from individual shelters of things they most need,” Caudel said. “The list is handed to the shoppers and they shop and bring back whatever they can.”

Caudel explained the Kentucky First Lady’s Office organizes the event every year.

“In Kentucky, one-third of women report abuse in their lifetime, and many of those women turn to shelters to escape the violence and rebuild their lives,” said Glenna Bevin. “This initiative is vital to our communities so that we can help these women in their journey. I am thankful for all partners and volunteers who made this year’s Shop & Share successful.”

Caudel said there are approximately 20 women, one male and multiple children currently housed in domestic violence shelters in Harlan.

Shoppers at more than 120 Kroger and other grocery stores across Kentucky donated $585,800 in supplies and funds during the ninth annual Shop & Share event on Feb. 3, according to the release.

Anybody in need of help with a domestic violence situation, wishing to make a donation to the domestic violence shelter or volunteer to help may contact Caudel at 606-392-1129 or Carla Hartsell at 606-573-4236.