Teen Corner: Is our future determined by fate or by decisions in life

Published 11:04 am Friday, April 12, 2024

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By Sarah Boggs


Do you think that we have an end in life that is unchangeable?

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I think about it a lot. The idea of fate is highly debated in society. People have various concepts of fate. Most people find anguish in the thought of fate. We can’t accept that our life may be controlled or will always lead back to the same end. I mull over fate fairly regularly. If fate is real, how would it work? Do our choices not matter? Do we always end in the same way? Is our path one we chose or we were given? Are our choices, simply, not actually choices?

I hope my choices are actually choices. I would cry if fate was real in the way of everything happening in a predetermined set – if no matter the choice I made, I’d always end up in the same place in the same way. Fate would be unfair and cruel. To live a life without actual choice would be torture. I value my liberty. If fate was real and I knew it was, I would try to change my fate. I’d like to think I’d help others break free, too. So, we could all separate from fate and live by our own decisions and our own ends.

Maybe, that is exactly what our fate is though. Maybe, our fate is to live lives of free will. Our fate is to change and shape our own path. We decide how we end and why we end. We are in control of ourselves. I shape my own future. I do not have to live with the cruelty of fate’s borders. I only need to live with the consequences of my actions.

Though, fate isn’t real. Sometimes, it’s not at least. Other times, fate is very real. If you believe fate to be real, it will be. You’ll find ways to shift blame of your actions onto fate. If you’re looking for fate, you’ll find it. You’ll make it. Your choices are your own though. My choices are my own, even if fate is actually to live free. I am not bound by anything other than myself. Neither are you. We have complete control over ourselves.

Our path is determined by our choices, not fate. We decide if fate is real for us. It is our choice if we live chains or if we are unshackled.

We do not live in the bleak realm of controllability. Our existence is colorful and beautiful.

Sarah Boggs is a junior at Harlan County High School.