Teen Corner: Silence can sometimes be the best response

Published 2:09 pm Friday, November 17, 2023

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By Emilia Dunn

Guest Columnist

Have you ever wanted to say something so bad that it was best just not to say anything at all? Sometimes, silence is a better answer than anything; in any case, that could be, staying silent. Why is it so hard for some people to remain silent?

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Instead of screaming, shouting, and sobbing in an argument, you’d better just keep your lips sealed. Although I am an argumentative person, silence is a better response than any other alternative.

Yelling is easy: fathers yell, mothers yell, teachers yell, children yell; the world never seems to be able to obtain a steady silence. I love silence, and if it could be silent all the time, I would never complain about anything ever again.

I wish men knew how to choose silence. They never quite know social cues. Sometimes, I wish I knew how to choose silence; I get so frustrated looking back at times that I’ve screamed at people out of anger. How could I break the sound barrier instead of leaving it be?

When seasons change and snow falls, I feel surrounded by silence, and I haven’t yet decided if the silence is comforting or eerie. With no loudness of rain on a tin roof during a spring thunderstorm or the blaring summer heat beaming down on me, I feel at peace. I feel like myself in silence, I feel like myself in winter because it is silent.

I’m not so sure why people prefer loudness over quiet. I feel like I would die if I were around loudness all the time. I would have a heart attack and croak over and that would be my end. Emilia Taylor Dunn dead at 16. Cause of death — excessive noise.

Wittiness aside, I doubt I could ever actually survive a world with no silence.

The day I live alone is the day I first get to breathe. I will finally get to be surrounded by silence and solitude. I have never wanted something more, it feels like a reward — like Dairy Queen ice cream after winning a T-Ball game when you were five years old. That’s the kind of looking forward I have right now.

I wish other people appreciated the quiet like I do. I know some do, but it really doesn’t feel like it in high school.