City declares structure surplus

Published 3:48 pm Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Harlan City Council voted to declare a structure to be surplus property during their regular meeting for February.

“We’ve had a couple people express some interest in the Creech building,” Meadors told the council. “We’re not going to take a formal action to advertise it or anything right now, we need to declare the Creech building surplus property. Our intent is at some point to advertise it. We’ll have to advertise it and take bids on it, and it will go to the highest bidder.”

According to Meadors, the city is utilizing the Harlan County Detention Center’s inmate work program to clean the building. The Creech building is located at 110 South Main Street in Harlan.

“I’d like the council to declare that surplus property,” Meadors said. “At some point we’ll come back the council and tell you we’ve done all we can with it, we’ve got a couple people interested – I don’t care if it’s 10 people or one person, we have to bid it.”

Council member Jeff Phillips asked about requiring a minimum bid.

“Can we set a minimum bid to regain what we’ve spent on it?” Phillips asked.

Meadors stated a minimum bid should be included.

“I would think it would have to have that in there,” Meadors said.

Meadors mentioned the building is not quite ready for bid.

“We got it for nothing,” Meadors said. “I think it’s a small enough building to do something with. We’ve cleaned it up quite a bit, it’s probably about 60 percent cleaned out.”

Meadors said the three-story structure is one of the oldest buildings in Harlan.

“Somebody will jump on it,” Meadors said. “We’re going to keep working on it…there’s definitely an interest.”

The council passed a motion to declare the property surplus.

Meadors updated the panel on the annual Spring cleanup.

“Mark this on your calendars,” Meadors said. “Spring cleanup is going to be April 3 – April 21. That’s really three weeks…We’ll use that last week to catch up, you always have more garbage than you think you will.”

Meadors also advised the council the city has collected approximately 91 percent of property taxes.

“We’re inching on up there,” Meadors said. “We should be up to 94 or 95 percent here in a few weeks when people get their income tax refunds.”

In other council activity:

• Meadors advised the council a fire engine advertised as surplus property has not received any interest;

• The council was advised a grant for playground equipment has been applied for;

• The council approved a second reading of a tourism ordinance setting transient room tax rates;

• A discussion was held concerning the city’s sewer rates with no action taken.