Harlan Council Passes Codes Enforcement Ordinance

Published 4:28 pm Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Harlan City Council performed the second reading Monday of an ordinance designed to put in place a Codes Enforcement Board for the city of Harlan.

Harlan City Mayor Joe Meadors brought the topic up to the council.

“Tonight, will be the second reading of the Codes Enforcement ordinance,” Meadors told the panel. “If there are no questions, I’ll entertain a motion.”

The council passed the ordinance with no objections. Meadors then addressed the possible timeline for when the council could begin choosing members for the Codes Enforcement Board.

“We may target April, 1, as the day we start trying to put people on the board,” Meadors said.

Meadors asked the council to advise him of any individuals they may know who would like to serve as board members.

“What I would encourage you all to do is let me know if you have any suggestions or if any people have expressed interest to you about serving (on the board),” Meadors said. “Send those to me so we can get a list and go through it. Let’s get moving on this thing. If we’re going to do it, let’s do it.”

Meadors pointed out that to serve on the board a person must be a resident of the city of Harlan. He also mentioned the Codes Enforcement Board would not likely be required to deal with the majority of codes issues, because most people willingly comply with the codes requirements within the city.

“I don’t think most people will ever get that far, but there are going to be some hardcore cases that will challenge us, and we will have to pursue it,” Meadors said. “Hopefully by that first meeting in April, I can bring a list of people willing to serve.”