KITCHEN CORNER: Feed-your-soul Sunday

Published 12:16 pm Thursday, August 13, 2020

By Ellen Cawood
Kitchen Corner

Life can get so busy. This time of year is notoriously busy. Back to school, sports starting back up, wrapping up those summer projects, the list goes on and on. But just because life is busy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the time to enjoy it with the people you love most.

This past weekend I did just that. I have let the busy get the best of me for far too long and I just needed a break from it all. I spent time with my family and friends without distraction or worry that I was forgetting something. It was just what my soul needed. Feeding your soul is as important as feeding you belly.

So, because I didn’t want to cut the time I spent with them any shorter than it had to be, I decided not to worry about a big impressive recipe. I took the easy way out on cooking in order to spend the most time with everyone I love. That’s why this week’s recipe is so important. Let go of your stress and have fun!

Feed-Your-Soul Sunday


Premade chocolate chip cookies

Vanilla bean ice cream

Store bought hot fudge sauce


Bake the cookies as instructed on the package. I like to cook mine to the lowest number of minutes suggested to make sure they are soft. When they are done, pour hot fudge into a microwave safe bowl and heat until bubbling. Assemble layers of cookies, ice cream and hot fudge to your liking. Enjoy!