What you need to know: Participate in the PSF scavenger hunt

Published 5:07 pm Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Rules and guidelines

  1. All participants must adhere to all applicable laws, as well as health guidelines. These include, but are not limited to, avoiding closed areas, respecting private property, staying six feet away from other people when possible, only participating with members of your household, etc. Any photo or video that shows participants disregarding laws or guidelines will result in disqualification.
  2. By submitting photos or videos, you are consenting to the use of your photo or video in future promotions. The Poke Sallet Festival Committee reserves the right to allow these photos or videos to be used in the promotion of the Poke Sallet Festival, Harlan County and local tourism efforts.
  3. All items on the hunt are worth one (1) entry into the drawing, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Participants may complete as many or as few items on the list as they would like.
  5. Each entry will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize ($250).
  6. Photos should be submitted through private message to the Poke Sallet Festival Facebook Page from Saturday, May 30, until 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 6.You will receive a message in response to your submission confirming your entries have been received.
  7. A winner will be announced on Saturday, June 6.
  8. The Poke Sallet Festival is not responsible for any technological difficulty that might prevent photos from being properly uploaded or transmitted.
  9. Please keep the fun of the scavenger hunt alive by not posting photos on the Poke Sallet Festival page or in the comments on Poke Sallet Festival page posts.

Scavenger hunt

  1. The Poke Sallet Festival got its start in the mid-fifties at Cranks Creek Lake. Snap your socially distant selfie at the lake.
  2. This school on the northside of Pine Mountain continues to teach thousands of visitors each year about Appalachian culture. It has served the community in many ways, including being the site of the Poke Sallet Festival previously in the festival’s history.
  3. Poke Sallet grows wild all through the mountains of Harlan County. Photograph some Poke Sallet in its natural habitat.
  4. The Poke Sallet Festival was held at this government building in downtown Harlan for years. The commanding limestone building’s staircase served as a stage for performers.
  5. Planning for the Poke Sallet Festival was once headquartered in a little red caboose. This caboose has since been relocated from its spot in downtown Harlan to a town just a few miles up highway 38.
  6. The largest Poke Sallet plant in Harlan County is three stories high and feeds an equally large opossum. Get a photo in front of this record breaking weed on Central St. in downtown Harlan.
  7. The 2020 Poke Sallet Festival was slated to be the first PSF to use the Bicentennial Stage. Get a photo IN FRONT OF the stage. (Do not climb onto the stage. Photos from on the stage will be disqualified.)
  8. This King of Rock made Poke Sallet famous with his song Poke Sallet Annie. We know it can be tough getting a selfie with someone who passed away 43 years ago, but we have confidence in your creativity to make it happen.
  9. The Poke Sallet Festival is usually a market for local crafters who are housed inside of this building.
  10. WYMT has visited the Poke Sallet Festival for years to conduct guest weather. Show us your best guest weather impersonation. Get creative with your props and set! ONE entry for a photo. TWO entries for a video.
  11. What would a Poke Sallet Festival be without actual Poke Sallet? Take a photo of yourself enjoying a Poke meal purchased on Friday, June 5, or Saturday, June 6, from Sports Cafe on Eversole Street or from Melissa Hensley located in the Festival Foodcourt in the Harlan Center Parking lot. Tip: Poke Sallet sells quickly. Stop by early before supplies run out. TWO ENTRIES.
  12. People think of a depot as a stop for trains. The Depot in Harlan once served as the stop for the ice cream social and craft and cooking competitions associated with the Poke Sallet Festival. Visit the Depot and take a photo.
  13. 4-H Kids Fun Day will be a little different in 2020. Show us you and the kids in your life participating in the socially distant Kids Fun Day!
  14. A street dance was a staple of the Poke Sallet Festival for years. Honor this tradition by showing us your dance moves in a street of your choosing. (Be safe!)
  15. Just because the 2020 Poke Sallet Festival is virtual doesn’t mean you can’t have a real souvenir. Take a photo in your 2020 Poke Sallet Festival t-shirt. You can pick one up at VIP Sports. You’ll earn two entries.
  16. The Harlan Center lot will still host a Festival Food Court. Show us something delicious purchased from one of these vendors. Your Poke Sallet meal won’t count for this because that photo is required to complete #11. You’ll receive two entries for this.
  17. Each year’s Poke Sallet Festival is commemorated with a t-shirt. Take a selfie in a t-shirt from a past Poke Sallet Festival.
  18. You can earn FIVE ENTRIES by videoing yourself singing the Poke Sallet Festival song and sending it in.
  19. We are proud of Poke! Show us a creative display of Poke. This might be a painting, a dish, a nature photo or some other Poke creation we haven’t even thought of.
  20. Technology is playing a huge role in this year’s Festival. Let’s include Tik Tok! Submit your Poke Sallet Festival Tik Tok for TWO ENTRIES.