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Magistrates reject proposal for asphalt

The Harlan County Fiscal Court rejected a bid from Mountain Enterprises Inc. on asphalt during Tuesday’s meeting. Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley said the document was incomplete and recommended advertising the open bids for asphalt again.

Mountain Enterprises Inc. proposed a bid on asphalt with listing prices for surface and binder increased an additional $13 per ton. Mosley was concerned about the increase.

“This is the highest surface price we’ve seen in a long time,” he said.

Mosley added the bid seemed incomplete.

After reviewing last year’s bid from Mountain Enterprises Inc., Mosley found prices for stripping and trenching to be missing from the document.

In addition to prices for stripping and trenching reportedly missing from the bid proposed by Mountain Enterprises Inc., discussion developed concerning last year’s projects and pricing.

Court members discussed the company’s commitment to completing road projects at a certain price last year and how they failed to do so.

Mosley recommended the court draft a letter demanding they finish the projects they started at the price agreed on with the funding left over from last year’s grants. The magistrates passed a motion for the letter to be written after Mosley’s recommendation.

The court also motioned for the bid to be rejected and for the asphalt to be advertised again.

In regards to other activity, the court heard an update from Harlan County Industrial Development Authority chairman Geoff Marietta.

The IDA listed the United Glove building, former T.L. Bayne building and former C & H Manufacturing building as its assets and said there is $60,581.60 in its checking account.

Marietta added the IDA is now fully compliant with the state as of Nov. 19, 2018, and the IDA filed annual budgets for the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years.

Marietta requested additional information, such as acquisition date and cost of building, in order for Chris Gooch, CPA, to conduct and finalize an audit for the IDA.

The court also heard an update from airport board chairman Mark Miracle.

Miracle said the airport continues to progress and added that the hangers are being rented, JRL Coal being one of its biggest users.

Miracle reported that air traffic has increased over the past few years, and he hopes to enhance the airport’s ability to accommodate the traffic. Miracle said the board is working to extend the runway by at least 4,500 feet with the use of asphalt. Miracle added that flattening the land and providing more lights for pilots flying over Pine Mountain are also much needed projects

In other fiscal court activity:

• The court heard an update on various road and bridge projects being conducted by the Rural Secondary Road Program;

• The court made a motion to accept the treasurer’s monthly financial report;

• The court made a motion for E-911 Surcharge to be raised from $1.25 to a potential $3 or more. The court also discussed the adoption of an ordinance for the fee. The court will have a second reading and adoption of the ordinance in next month’s meeting;

• The court made a motion to accept the sheriff’s office receipts for 2018 “unmined” coal;

• The court discussed Enterprise Lease Options and authorized Mosley to sign any and all documents pertaining to the lease agreement;

• The court appointed Mile Coldiron as commissioner to the Cumberland Valley Regional Housing Authority Board in order to fill the unexpired term of Daniel E. Howard. The term will expire May 31, 2022;

• The court approved a motion to apply for the CEDIK Grant in collaboration with all cities in Harlan County;

• The court approved a motion to apply for both the ARC Flex-E and Recycling Grants;

• The court accepted that Commonwealth Clean-up is March 23-30 and PRIDE Clean-up is April 1-30;

• The court approved Emily Sergent as the 11th grade student to represent Harlan County High School and Lucy Bryson as the 11th grade student to represent Harlan High School for the Wellness Recreation Center Committee.