Loyall discusses water in Black Bottom

Published 1:27 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Loyall City Council addressed a variety of issues during a recent meeting, including a water issue which left a road blocked for days.

According to the minutes, Mayor Clarence Longworth called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.

A council member advised there was a lot of back water in the Black Bottom area which was not draining, blocking the road for approximately three days. Longworth stated CSX should be contacted about railroad property involved in the situation. The council member explained he was concerned about the amount of water that typically runs off the mountain in the spring creating a bigger issue.

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The council also voted to reinstate meals at the council meetings.

Willie Epperson, a resident asked the council for information on a meeting with Corps of Engineers concerning a large amount of standing water commonly referred to as the “Lagoon.” He stated something needs to be done because the water rises due to a lack of pumps. Longworth said he would speak with the Army Corps of Engineers about the situation.

In other council activity:

• Loyall City Police Chief Mike Lunsford reported his department responded to 40 complaints, issued 59 citations, made 12 arrests, performed 12 assists and served 10 warrants.

• Paul Collins tendered the sewer report, stating there are no problems or complaints at the sewer plant. Three manhole covers were ordered for relocating a main sewer line on Green Street;

• The council accepted the financial report from Treasurer Mandy Longworth;

• The council heard a first reading of an ordinance establishing compensation for elected officials in the city of Loyall.