County School Board talks team trips, bids

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, June 8, 2023

The Harlan County School Board held a special called meeting recently, discussing trips for two of the district’s sports teams and bids for flooring in some of the district’s school cafeterias.

Superintendent Brent Roark talked to the board about a trip the high school boys’ basketball team is planning to Sandusky, Ohio, on June 21.

“Coach Johnson turned that in with a bunch of in-state trips,” Roark said. “I was just going to ask you while we have the opportunity to approve that and let them go to Sandusky.”

The Board passed a motion to approve the trip with no opposition.

Board Chairman Gary Farmer then moved down the agenda to a trip to the University of Virginia at Wise, Virginia, for the Harlan County High School football team.

“That’s not until July 13, you could do it at the next meeting, but to go ahead and let them do everything they need to do to get signed up it would be good to get that done today,” Roark said.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the football team’s trip to Wise.

The Board also discussed a bid for flooring in eight of the district’s school cafeterias.

A Board member noted the lowest bid came from Harlan Carpet Mart at $97,555.17. He pointed out the original bid was for a more expensive type of flooring which is easily scratched. The more expensive flooring was changed to a more durable product, which brought the cost down from approximately $108,211 to $97,555.17.

The Board approved a motion awarding the bid to Harlan Carpet Mart at $97,555.17.

The Board also approved bids for new tables and wall designs at multiple schools. This included a bid of $302,460 from Palmer Hamilton for Harlan County High School, Black Mountain Elementary, Cumberland Elementary, James A. Cawood Elementary, and Rosspoint Elementary, and a bid from C & T Designs for $152,867.30 for Cawood Elementary, Evarts Elementary, Green Hills Elementary.