Harlan County voting numbers mirror statewide trends

Published 5:09 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The polls have closed and the tallies are in from around Kentucky on Primary Tuesday as a whole host of contested races for constitutional offices were on the ballot for both the Democratic and Republican parties, including Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor of Public Accounts and Commissioner of Agriculture.

The following results are with 100 percent of all Kentucky counties and precincts reporting. All tallies are unofficial until they are certified by the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron has emerged from a crowded field to win the GOP nomination for governor.  He has captured 48 percent of the vote statewide and was the choice of Harlan County voters, where he captured 45 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear cruised to victory in the Democratic primary. The governor captured 91 percent of the vote statewide and won 87 percent in Harlan County

Michael Adams, the incumbent Secretary of State, captured 64 percent of the vote statewide for the GOP. He won 58 percent of the tally in Harlan County.

Republican voters cast the majority of their lots for Allison Ball in her bid for Auditor of Public Accounts. Ball received 72 percent of voters statewide and 72 percent in Harlan County.

Mark H. Metcalf captured 51 percent of the GOP vote for Treasurer statewide but won a more generous share, 63 percent, of Harlan County’s vote.

Republican Jonathan Shell won 56 percent of his party’s vote for Commissioner of Agriculture and 59 percent in Harlan County.

Sierra J. Enlow is the Democrat’s choice for Commissioner of Agriculture with 59 percent of the vote. She received 57 percent in Harlan County.

The primary for Attorney General for both parties and the Democratic contests for Auditor of Public Accounts, Secretary of State and Treasurer were canceled due to only one candidate filing.

The results below are for Harlan County. For complete statewide results visit www.vrsws.sos.ky.gov/liveresults.

Harlan County Results



Andy Beshear – 415 (87%)

Geoffrey M. Young – 35 (7%)

Peppy Martin – 26 (5%)


Daniel Cameron – 769 (45%)

Kelly Craft – 361 (21%)

Ryan Quarles – 300 (17%)

Eric Deters – 128 (7%)

Mike Harmon – 80 (5%)

Alan Keck – 34 (2%)

Robbie C. Smith – 13 (1%)

Dennis Ray Ormerod – 11 (1%)

Johnny Ray Rice – 9 (1%)

Jacob Clark – 9 (1%)

David O. Cooper – 5 (0%)

Bob DeVore – 1 (0%)

Secretary of State


Michael Adams – 877 (58%)

Stephen L. Knipper – 362 (24%)

Allen Miracle – 275 (18%)

Auditor of Public Accounts


Allison Ball – 1,095 (72%)

Derek Petteys – 419 (28%)



Mark H. Metcalf – 947 (63%)

Andrew Cooperrider – 333 (22%)

O.C. Oleka – 234 (15%)

Commissioner of Agriculture


Sierra J. Enlow – 250 (57%)

Mikael Malone – 188 (43%)


Jonathan Shell – 903 (59%)

Richard Heath – 627 (41%)