County school board discusses summer session, custodial achievement

Published 10:31 am Wednesday, May 3, 2023

The Harlan County School Board recently met for a special meeting, discussing multiple items, including the upcoming summer extended learning session and a new Boys and Girls Club at Cumberland.

Superintendent Brent Roark brought the board up to speed on the extended learning session this summer.

“We will be having it this year from June 5 until June 29,” Roark said. “It will look just like it’s looked the last two years…we’re hoping to get that kicked off and have several students signed up for it.”

Roark then brought the board’s attention to a new asset coming to Cumberland Elementary.

“We’ve got a Boys and Girls Club in Cumberland Elementary,” Roark said. “That’s going to be huge. They’ve got one at Black Mountain, which was established last year. Kids are there until 5:45 p.m. four days a week. They’re receiving a meal, they’re receiving tutoring and now they’re going to have one at Cumberland. That should be a huge boost to the school.”

Roark also commended the custodial staff at Cumberland Elementary for placing first among all the district’s schools in this semester’s inspection.

“We’ve done this for the last six years,” Roark said. “We want our schools to be cleaner. We want them to be a better environment for our kids.”

Roark told the board the custodial award has been done approximately 16 times over the last few years.

“Cawood Elementary has always won,” Roark said. “We’ve had some second-place finishes by two or three other schools, but we’re really super pleased with Cawood Elementary. When we did the inspections this time, Cawood is still phenomenal. It’s clean as a pin. They do a wonderful job there.”

Roark informed the board members that Cumberland Elementary’s custodial staff had won the award this time.

“Cumberland Elementary has really changed things,” Roark said. “I went through it yesterday again. Cumberland Elementary has won the award this time.”

Roark explained a three-person team inspects the individual schools to decide which is the cleanest.

“I have Leisha Curry with me. She’s our head custodian at Cumberland Elementary,” Roark said.

Roark called for Curry to come up and accept the award on behalf of the Cumberland Elementary custodial staff.

“I appreciate the job she’s doing. That whole staff is phenomenal up there,” Roark said. “I enjoyed eating lunch with them.”

Roark and board member Scott Sherman presented Curry with a plaque commemorating the award.

Following some further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.