Frazier Foundation awards grants

Published 2:01 pm Friday, January 6, 2023

News Release

The grant awards presentation was held at the Senior Citizen’s Center in Cumberland for fall 2022, totaling $189,974.00. Since 2012, the Frazier Foundation has awarded over three million dollars to the Tri-City area.

The 2022 fall recipients are:

• The city of Benham was awarded $20,000.00 for a new sewer plant pump.

• The city of Cumberland was awarded $20,000.00 for water plant electronics.

• The city of Lynch was awarded $20,000.00 to purchase an excavator for city projects.

Cumberland Elementary School received the following awards of $39,974.00:

• Middle School Softball -purchase scoreboard and uniforms – $12,420.00

• Computer Class- continuation of previously purchased software – $9,500.00

• 3rd & 4th Grade Teachers – purchase of various classroom materials – $3,054.00

• FRYSC Backpacks for the Weekend Program – purchase of food – $15,000.00

The Tri-City Little League was awarded $20,000.00 to further the league’s progression.

The Meridzo Center was awarded $25,000.00 to award scholarships to students in the Tri-City area who graduate from Harlan County High School and attended Cumberland Elementary School.

Heritage Ministries was awarded $15,000.00 to purchase food for the Tri-City Empty Stocking Fund.

The Friends of Benham was awarded $20,000.00 for funds to repair the roof of the historic “This-N-That Store.”

The Harlan County Fiscal Court/Sleepy Hollow Golf Course was awarded $10,000.00 for funds to purchase lawnmowers and a utility trailer.

The grant money is distributed twice a year, in the spring and fall. The deadline for the spring awards is Friday, April 28, 2023. Applications are available online at the Frazier Foundation website or in the office.

Our many thanks to The Robert E. Frazier Tri-City Area Charitable Grant Foundation Board for the funding. You may contact Shelia Dixon at 606-733-0595 for any information concerning Frazier grants.