Harlan council talks sidewalks, equipment

Published 5:11 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Harlan City Council discussed several topics during the panel’s regular meeting for December, including impending sidewalk work and multiple equipment expenditures.

Harlan Mayor Joe Meadors brought the council up to speed on the city’s sidewalks.

“We’re inching closer to bids on the sidewalk project on South Main and Cumberland Avenue,” Meadors said. “It’s amazing the hoops we’ve had to jump through, but we’re close. I anticipate this may be going to bid in late January or maybe February. That project will be done.”

Meadors additionally informed the panel on the status of ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds the city has received.

“We had about $395,000 that we had sat on for about 18 months,” Meadors said. “We’re starting to spend some of that. I’m going to give you some figures. We need to arrive at what our current balance is.”

Meadors mentioned the city spent $65,000 for a backhoe.

“We got a good deal on that,” Meadors said. “It’s a $100,000 machine. This one had very few hours on it, and it’s been an excellent piece of equipment for us.”

Meadors reminded the council of additional purchases the city has made.

“We bought two four-wheel drive lawnmowers back in July,” Meadors said.

“Those were $13,500 each, so that’s $27,000…We paid for the sewer line repairs on the backside of Ivy Hill, which should do us for another 50 or 60 years. That line probably went in during the ’50s or ’60s. That was $28,762.”

Meadors also spoke to the council concerning the purchase of multiple vehicles needed by the city.

“Our contact in Frankfort with Surplus Equipment was able to help us locate a 2005 Ford F150 extended cab,” Meadors said. “It’s got 97,000 miles on it. It’s in excellent shape.”

The city is also in need of a dump truck which is available for purchase, according to Meadors.

“We can buy it for $10,000. It books for close to $30,000,” Meadors said.

Meadors also told the council a Dodge 2500 pickup truck needed by the Harlan City Fire Department is also available.

However, a price had yet to be agreed upon.

Meadors asked the council for permission to purchase the Ford F150, the International dump truck, and the Dodge 2500.

“I’m asking for your approval tonight to purchase those out of ARPA money, which will leave about $150,000 plus,” Meadors said. “I don’t know of anything else we have to have right now, so we’re going to sit on that money and get through until Spring or Summer. If we have to, we might have to buy a new garbage truck at some point.”

Council member Jeff Phillips motioned to purchase the equipment, seconded by council member Chris Jones.

The motion passed with no opposition.