Harlan Independent students win Governor’s Cup JV Challenge

Published 10:34 am Thursday, December 1, 2022

The 2022 Region 14 Kentucky Governor’s Cup JV Challenge championship went to students from Harlan High School, following a day of stiff competition. According to a news release, academic competitors included students from Bell County, Clay County, Harlan County, and Middlesboro. Harlan High also took the top spot in the Quick Recall competition followed by Harlan County. The Green Dragons won the regional title in 2021 as well. Harlan High School finished the day with a total of 58 points, followed by Harlan County with 49 and Bell County with 36.

Individual assessment results included:

Quick Recall: Harlan High, first, Harlan County, second; and Bell County, third.

Math: Sayed Damaa, Harlan High School, first; Jared Knuckles, Bell County, second; Meredith Allen, Bell County, third; Plez Dean, Harlan County, fourth; Sebastian Brackman, Middlesboro, fifth; Ethan Lewis, Harlan County, sixth.

Science: Sayed Damaa, Harlan High School, first; Jared Knuckles, Bell County, second; Reese Arno, Bell County, third; Jimmy Shepherd, Harlan County, fourth; Plez Dean, Harlan County, fifth, Linda Sims, Clay County, sixth.

Social Studies: Audrey Goss, Harlan High, first; Brooke Evans, Clay County, second; Amelia Colinger, Harlan County, third; Elijah Barton, Middlesboro, fourth; Caden Craig, Harlan County, fifth; Joseph Craig, Middlesboro, sixth.

Language Arts: Bryson Eldridge, Harlan County, first; Miranda Brock, Harlan High, second; Dani Smith, Clay County, third; Amelia Cooper, Harlan County, fourth; Elijah Brown, Middlesboro, fifth; Salena Amro, Harlan High, sixth.

Arts and Humanities: Chloe McCreary, Harlan County, first, Sammie Lin, Middlesboro, second; Bryson Eldridge, Harlan County, third; Ashton Manis, Bell County, fourth; McKenna Smith, Clay County, fifth; Haven Branham, Middlesboro, sixth.

Composition: Salena Amro, Harlan, first; Serenity Brock, Harlan, second; Leah Jones, Bell County, third; Ava Harris, Bell County, fourth; Brianna Harris, Harlan County, fifth; Meredith Allen, Bell County, sixth.