The Anxious Hippy opens in Harlan

Published 10:41 am Monday, September 19, 2022

Downtown Harlan has been home to many businesses over the years. Still, none have been exactly like the Anxious Hippy, a place for folks interested in offbeat items and ways to improve the quality of life.

Heather Caldwell, the proprietor of the shop which follows her successful shop of the same name in Pineville, talked about the reasons behind the Anxious Hippy.

“I’m actually from Harlan, born and raised,” Caldwell said. “After I had my daughter, I developed severe postpartum depression and severe anxiety. I wanted to feel better and wanted to do it in a way that was healthiest not just for me but for my daughter.”

Caldwell said she started looking into natural ways to improve the way she felt.

“I began learning as much as I could about herbal options, energy, and vibrations,” Caldwell said. “It’s not just something that’s hippy-dippy. It’s actual science.”

She stated there are natural ways to improve the way a person feels.

“That’s how I learned about CBD,” Caldwell said. “CBD is something that our body actually makes, so when we take CDB. It does not make you high. It doesn’t make us feel funny or weird. It actually helps us replenish things that our body needs.”

Caldwell pointed out that many people incorrectly equate CBD with marijuana.

According to the Harvard Medical School website at, CBD can be derived from hemp (a cousin of the marijuana plant) or created in a laboratory. CBD does not cause any sort of “high” on its own, and there is no evidence of public health problems related to the use of CBD.

“CBD can be derived from the hemp plant, which is different from marijuana,” Caldwell said. “It is very high in things that help us to feel happier and healthier…it is very safe for pretty much everyone.”

Caldwell mentioned CBD is found naturally in human breast milk.

“When I learned that, I thought, ‘If it’s safe enough for babies, it’s safe enough for me,” Caldwell said. “It reduces inflammation. It helps with pains, sleep management, and helps to reduce feelings of stress.”

Caldwell said CBD was the largest part of why she started the Anxious Hippy.

“When I started learning all of these things and holistic ways with herbs and crystals, just learning about everything, I began sharing it with other mothers who were feeling the same way,” Caldwell said. “I told them how it helped me, and they began doing it, and it helped them, so it’s turned into a wonderful way not only to connect with people but to help people feel better.”

The Anxious Hippy has helped create a community for the people who find the items available at the shop helpful.

The items available at Anxious Hippy do not require any sort of prescription or doctor’s recommendation.

“Anyone can buy CBD,” Caldwell said. “Actually, I have a lot of people who are being sent here and to the Pineville location by their doctors to help with things such as stress, pain, and inflammation.”

Caldwell added CBD does not contain THC (the substance in marijuana that causes the “high”) and will not cause a person to test positive on a drug test.

“CBD is not anything that’s going to be an issue with a drug screen,” Caldwell said.

The Anxious Hippy opened in Harlan on the opening day of the 2022 Poke Sallet Festival.

“Our Pineville location has been there three years,” Caldwell said. “This location (Harlan) has been here since June. I’m so pleased with the warm welcome from the community. Everybody has been absolutely wonderful.”

Among the items available at the Anxious Hippy are crystals, clothing, organic herbs, incense, books, smoke accessories, tote bags, tapestries, and many other unique items.

“We truly have a little bit of something for everybody,” Caldwell said. “If you’re a little bit of a hippy at heart, you will be very happy with our selection.”

For more information about The Anxious Hippy, call 606-337-8922, go to The Anxious Hippy Facebook page, Instagram, or visit the shop in downtown Harlan on Central Street in downtown Harlan.

“Here at The Anxious Hippy, we are here to create a community to help everyone feel happy, healthy, and welcome,” Caldwell said. “You will leave having made a friend who truly cares about you and your well-being.”